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About iPage Hosting

Chances are most of you never heard about iPage before reading this page but it is one of the fastest growing hosting companies in 2009/2010. Rebuilt and relaunched in late 2009, iPage now top dozens of major hosting review charts. iPage focuses on one hosting plan, which is the iPage Essential Hosting Plan. For $4.50/mo (price based on special discount), iPage customers get access to a wealth of hosting features including unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, unlimited addon domain capacity… etc etc. In brief, here is our review and comment on iPage hosting:

What makes iPage the Best Unlimited Hosting?

iPage is affordable ($4.50/mo) and it’s widely recognized by majority of hosting experts.

If you exclude the years iPage went dormant in the mid-2000s, the web host is just about one year old. Instead of learning to "walk like other one year old kid", iPage started to sprint right from day one. iPage’s website Alexa ranking jumped into the 6,000 range from nowhere and it is now ranking within the top 3 in dozens of major hosting review sites. To give you a brief idea how well iPage is doing, here are a list of its ranking in major web host review sites.

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There is a solid reason behind all these successes. In year 2009, the company was acquired by a large International business group and went thru a major revamp. The new iPage is now backed by a huge team of industry veterans – both management and technical teams are lead by experts with decades of industry experience. With that much of investment and human resources being added into the operation, the iPage is now a star in hosting industry and we doubt anything can stops its growth trend by now.

Special Features at iPage Hosting

iPage offers a wide range incentive features that you can’t get elsewhere.

iPage special features

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BlueHost Positive Reviews Other Advantages of iPage Unlimited Hosting Plan

  • Extremely cheap! – iPage cost $4.50/mo for 12 months subscription and it’s highly recommended for those who are looking for a budget host.
  • Eco-friendly – iPage hosting is 100% powered by wind energy thus it would be a great choice for those who wish to minimize their carbon footprints.
  • Unlimited hosting capacity – In other words, iPage users get to host all their websites, forums, and blogs under one iPage account.
  • Reliable hosting services – iPage serves websites off a pool of servers, which provides better redundancy protection and faster network load times.
  • Quality after sales supports – customer supports available via 24/7 live chat, phone call, and email support.
  • First-timer friendly – iPage’s user friendly website and its smooth ordering process is a huge time-saver; users normally get their account activated instantly right after payment.
  • Stunning quality guarantees – iPage guarantees 99.9% uptime and promise to refund your money anytime within the subscription period (you have nothing to lose!)

More details, read our iPage Review.

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