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WebHostingPad User Reviews


  1. Guy says:

    I just cancelled this service. I submitted written notice to cancel my service and they still decided to charge me and not credit back the charge.

    I called AMEX to dispute the charge but they told me it is outside of 60 days from the charge date so they cannot do anything about it.

    They suggested that in the future, I dispute the charge right away. They also added WebHostingPad to the do not accept charges from this merchant list. So, for all future former customers of webhostingpad, take note. If you are going to cancel, dispute the charge ASAP and have your credit card company add them to the list that will block any charges from this company.

    For prospective customers of webhostingpad’s web hosting service, stay away. Very, very far away.

    Any lawyers out there interested in a possible class action suit?

  2. Dedric Lee says:

    Well..Just another victim of this hosting company. Really regretted signing up with them. So my advice to anyone reading reviews about this company. Signing up is a definite no no. Don’t settle for cheap rate and threaten services just because their plans are cheap. You will get ripped off more at the end of the day.