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VPSNext User Reviews


  1. Mark Fail says:

    I placed an order in Sep 2010 so this is a recent purchase.

    Customer service promised me the world! They told me everything would be smooth and that i would have no problems.

    10 hours after i paid up front (Over $1,000) and after phoning to confirm my order, i rang to ask if it was ready and they said they lost my application! (how do you lost orders!)

    24 hours later, the account is ready the server is running slow so i have to contact them again to sort it out which they apologise for.

    72 hours later they turn off the server by mistake!!!

    I spend 48 hours moving all my websites to their server and thet shut down the account by accident..even worse, they just “apologised” thats it..

    Awful hosting and even worse custom service, NOT RECOMMENDED.

    If you want VPS hosting DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

    Im even happy to testify against their awful service!