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Caution: This SiteCloud review is no longer valid as the hosting company no longer provide cloud-base shared web hosting services starting April 08, 2011. Shoppers who visit SiteCloud from now onwards will be directed to the company’s sister company, GreenGeeks (which is a great shared hosting by the way) instead.

For other alternatives, we also recommend iPage, FatCow, and JustHost


  1. Sebastien says:

    When i got the advertise mail from i was so exiting , i am thinking “wow cloud on amazon ec2? for moderate price i jumped on the offer.
    Big mistake in my case…
    1-Have to pay 40usd for dedicated IP for 1 year twice price justhost or hostgator..anyway i took is not a big deal coz they install ssl for free.
    2-they do not install ssl well, i contact them they fix
    3-Take care of advertise the chat support is just a joke, exept if u want to sign in they are always saying “please contact the support by mail” they will cearly never help u”
    4-My website is super slow terrible i regret my ex hoster is a chance i do not cancel yet, so i try to find why is slow. And mister karl (24h later) reply to me the problem is my website is poor coding thats why Lol and re-lol my website is not slow before in 3,95usd plan… so i use a soft can compare my website on sitecloud and this same installed in my ex server…with photo, proof…and this wonderfull message “502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.
    And finally they replied ”
    I am looking into this further, for potential session file lock contention slowing things down on your site. I will update you when I have some findings.”In the same moment i have a ssh problem too, i opened a second ticket . fot bot ticket the do not repied since 72h and 96 now…and when i insist they reply to me Hello,
    “Then you’re altering the subject line, please refrain from doing that.

    Karl D.
    SiteCloud Technical Support”

    Good to treat customer like this no?? and the top is impossible to cancel…when u ask them how to cancel (support and chat ) they do not reply to this question always say “we will reply u soon ”

    So i decide to cancel from other way ohh i found the url

    As u can see unfortunetly is not working…

    Forget this hoster have a lot of better solution

    BTW i receive new invoice to pay today (2 week before) seems billing service is efficient lol…

  2. Andrew Mayes says:

    I’ve been a customer of SiteCloud for a few months now and have been extremely satisfied with the service. I have had few interactions with support, but they have been extremely high quality. Karl and Josh both have helped me take my site and easily migrate it from another web hosting provider.

  3. Janet says:

    My site was hosted at a traditional web hosting provider, where the hosting would go up and down constantly. I got really fed up with it and started researching hosting providers. I came across SiteCloud and was really intrigued by the way their technology works and decided to sign up. I was shocked to learn that I didn’t have to configure anything and that it was just like the traditional hosting providers, but with a kick-ass back end! I’m a hardcore blogger and this is something that I have been looking for in a really long time! The included tools, like Softaculous were helpful too! Support has been wonderful, can’t really complain about that there and the service in general has been outstanding. Great company!

  4. Mike says:

    They are experiencing a lot of growing pains. They cite problems in connecting with Amazon’s S3 services. When a number of problems were flagged, they eventually said that our sites would remain unstable for several more days before a resolution may come.
    They are not business ready.

  5. Kathrine says:

    I signed up a few months ago in search of a better host. At first, the service was really awesome, fast and reliable however after a month or so, the reliability and performance went down the drain. I continued to get 503 errors and I had no idea why. When I contacted support, they told me that they had a fix for it and would be fixing it shortly, apparently it was a large issue. This morning I got an e-mail saying that the issues were fixed and since then, I see a noticeable increase in performance… reliability is yet to be seen… but so far no 503 errors.

    I am giving them a good rating because they were great before. The customer service was upfront and told us they were on it to fix it, and they did it exactly when they said they were going to do it.

    Stuff goes wrong, but they didn’t run away from the problem, they tackled it and resolved it and that’s what makes a company different and better.

    I’ll stay with them for now.

  6. Vince says:

    My site was moved over from one of the popular shared hosting providers a few months ago when I was looking for a faster and better host. My site got suspended at the previous host because it used “too many resources”. So much for providing reliable hosting. The guys at SiteCloud moved my site over for me with their free site migration and communicating with them was a breeze. Since moving, my site runs wildly faster than my previous host and I have not noticed ANY downtimes. I was drawn to SiteCloud because of their “NO SUSPENSION” policy and the fact that they are load balancing their servers.

  7. Jordan says:

    I signed up with SiteCloud because I really was intrigued at the fact that they were load balancing and it was cPanel based. I really didn’t believe them to be honest, because NO ONE is doing this. Boy did they prove me wrong! I placed a simple php script that showed me server information and I could see the physical machines were changing on every refresh! This blew my mind! I moved several of my sites over since and don’t regret it one bit! Excellent company. Great product! It’s about time!

  8. Randy says:

    I recently came across SiteCloud when I started looking for cloud hosting. The thing that attracted me the most was the fact that SiteCloud wasn’t selling me “raw resources”. It was a completed service… I was told all I had to do was upload my stuff and everything else was taken care of. I gave them a try and boy oh boy, was I ever shocked!

    The service was exceptionally fast. My visitors even saw the increase in speed. I run a pretty heavy WordPress blog and I am just glad that I didn’t have to go install all kinds of plugins to try and speed up the site.

    The technical support was there when I needed them. I had an issue with my .htaccess file, turned out to be my issue, but they kindly pointed me in the right direction to get my issue resolved.

    The technology is outstanding the service went beyond their duties to help me and so far I can’t say enough good things. I am pretty happy I found them, otherwise I still would be reading on how to use cloud hosting!

    If you can use any normal hosting account, you can use SiteCloud.

  9. mnguy says:

    I was at a traditional hosting company and it worked, well. But it was very expensive, especially compared to After reading reviews, I decided to give it a try, especially since 3 years of hosting at sitecloud was less than 1/2 the cost of 1 year at my traditional host.

    Well, within 2 weeks, i started having problems. The servers started not serving. My websites were down, all of them. A quick web-chat with their support verified that they were down.

    I also started having strange load times. It took 15-20 seconds for their servers to respond, then wordpress would serve up the site in 5 seconds. This was for every request.

    Now it’s down again, probably the 3rd time this past week. When it’s up, it still takes 15 seconds before anything starts happening.

    The good: pricing, tech support is good, easy enough to use.
    The bad: reliability has been very poor so far. Load times unacceptable.

  10. Eric says:

    I don’t understand all the reviews by reviewers who say that the technology means Sitecloud will almost never go down. That is false. I was with this provider for one week. During the first 4 days, they went down twice for an hour each time that I noticed without even 24-hour monitoring. After the second time, I started 24-hour monitoring of my site. Over 2.5 days, it was down for another full 2 hours, from which one can estimate 1 hour out of every 30 hours, or about an hour a day of downtime. During this time, if you try to visit your site, the browser will report site not found, does not exist. Their site does work though, obviously they host with someone else! When you click to chat with them to ask about it, they have a canned response with the came capitalization typo: “The service will be UP soon.” This happens so often they have bound a key to this response. This is terrible for anyone, but especially if you are running a business. Customers may never come back after getting a website does not exist message, people are busy.

    I had prepaid for 3 years of service. When I cancelled for obvious reasons after just one week (30-day money back guarantee), they dragged their feet and made it really hard to get my money back, not answering repeated polite messages. I have heard of others who had to dispute the charges with their credit card companies eventually. Luckily for me, just 1 week of service was so far under 30 days that I was eventually able to get my money back, but it took about 2 full weeks after first trying to cancel, and several unanswered emails, bringing me to within a few days of the 30 days. If you are closer to 30 days when you try to cancel, I think they will try to run the clock out on you and keep your money like I have heard happening to other customers.

    Do not listen to review sites who never personally hosted on a company’s servers and are reviewing based entirely on hype. Trust actual customers. I think this company is one of the worst ones out there, in reliability for sure, and in honesty, based on how hard it is to get a refund, and how far off their 99.9% uptime guarantee they are: a full HOUR of downtime every DAY!? Do yourself a favor and stay away.