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  1. Dan says:

    I am an existing customer of Pacific Host and only after 2 months I know they suck!

    My previous experiance with hosting companies has been really good currently still having a website at (very solid uptime and has good support for small businesses and personal website hosting). The other experience was with for a major DB driven website and they were awesome and handled mostly everything i needed to do to get the site running!

    As far as hosting it is severely lacking in:

    telephone response – the phone was bussy 14 out of 15 calls that i made to the company and when i did get support i got very stupidly scripted answers and the person obviously had no idea what they were saying! (suggestion: if you know your phone is busy 99% of the time get another phone number that will actually conect your customers to someone)

    Email Response – I would get responses to my customer tickets on average 1-3 days later! (that is not email support!) These responses were very shot and stupidly scripted responses or so it seamed!

    Sever uptime – the webserver that my site was on had horrible response time! I would load the site in 2 different cities on 2 different computers and the response was bad at the first loaction taking 30-50 second to load the home page – HORRIBLE!

    I made numorious complaints because my site was just down! after the 5th time in 2 weeks, I asked them to move me to a new server.

    3 days later they responded to my request and said it would be done when they had time.

    The next day it was done! At this point i was expecting to have a normal servers response and it was a touch better when it was accessible but still not a normal servers response!

    Yet again my site was down on the new server (yes i renamed the nameservers to point to the right server and yes it was pointing to the new server).

    After this I contacted them for a refund to see how what package i had and decided to re evaluate my hosting package!

    I started with the basic plan with the advanced option – this was probly to low of a package to meet my expectations of server response time. So I upgraded to the premium business hosting plan.

    So they contacted me and told me they would have to move my site yet again to an even newer server – UG!

    So the next day they contacted me and siad it was moved so I changed the name dervers and checked the site – it was up this time!

    It did load somewhat normally with a somewhat normal response time! I was totally excited and hoped it continued – so about an hour later I showed a friend the site and that it was up and – BAMMO


    Lets just say that was the last straw – although i still have about 20 days till my 1st month of hosting will expire on the new business class server, I already have a new host picked out and I am very excited to move to after reading all the many many great review from major eccommerce business owners on the web!

    Do yourself a favor and save yourself allllllllllllll the frustration I went through and choose another host.


    I made a video of me typing this blog post and soon it will go viral so the whole world will know PACIFIC HOST SUCKS!

  2. derek says:

    Well all I have to say about pacific host is that they are dishonest about there services nothing works most of the time Support is the worst I have ever seen. You end up with serveral people dipping into your support tickets which results in one person telling you your problem is getting fixed then another coming back stating they cant do what you have asked. after weeks of unsuccessful support tickets they transfered us from one server to another ( Incorrectly I might add ) Only to find service was even worse on newest server they have.. Cmon folks it should never take 10 min to get into Cpanel ?

    Well long story short we canceled service and requested a refund as there site and TOS states “Anytime Money Back Guarantee”.

    Well this was there responce

    Hello ****,
    If you read our terms of service, it is a 45 day money back guarantee.
    Justin Drago
    PacificHost Customer Service

    This was our response taken from there TOS

    PacificHost provides an “Anytime Money Back Guarantee”. If you are not satisfied with our service and wish to cancel the service within
    the first 30 days, we will issue you a full refund of your original purchase price. If you pay for more than 1 month and decide to cancel,
    per request we will issue a pro-rated refund for any unused months of service. This “Anytime-Day Money Back Guarantee” only applies
    to PacificHost’s Shared, Business, VPS, and Reseller Hosting Solutions. Payments for “Dedicated Servers”, “One-Time Services”, “Extra
    Options”, “Addons”, “Domain Names”, ” Software Licenses”, “SSL Certificates”, and any setup fees cannot be refunded under any
    circumstances. If the Free SSL Certificate is added on to the Ultra plan, any refund request will automatically deduct the cost of the SSL
    Certificate. Your “Anytime-Day Money Back Guarantee” refund can only be issued to your original payment source. Violations of the
    Terms of Service will waive the “Anytime-Day Money Back Guarantee”.

    There response again

    Hello ***,
    We can offer you a pro-rated refund.
    Justin Drago
    PacificHost Customer Service

    Then afer not recieving refund they tell us this

    Hello ****,
    It shows that money was refunded back to you on the 26th of December.
    Justin Drago
    PacificHost Customer Service

    Which it was not and again there final response

    Hello ***,
    We made a revision to our Terms of Service changing our refund policy only about 2 weeks ago. You canceled months before we made
    this change to our refund policy. When you cancel you are therefore no longer a client, nor are you a part of our Terms of Service. Any
    such connection you have with our Service terminated at the time you canceled your service with us, so I’m afraid we will not be able to
    issue you a refund.

    No we canceled Dec 26 2010 2:40 PM

    This is a bullshit company web server performance is terrible support is just undescribable

    They tell you you are getting a prorated refund then try to tell you they already refunded you the $ and after that state your not getting a refund at all ? NICE PEOPLE

    Well I am taking this to the BBB and The Attourney Generals office
    and I will post my review on every review site I can locate
    Keep in mind fold I am not blowing bullshit claims about this host I have documented all conversations from the support tickets for proof of the way we have been treated….

    Stay far away from pacific host


  3. Quazarr says:

    I so wish I could say something to prove other reviews wrong, but sadly, I can not. Infact, they are being kind. I am willing to send anyone DETAILED logs, screen shots, etc to back every statement i am about to make!

    Before I begin, please know I will be happy to provide extensive details, including emails, chat logs, screen shots and performance logs clearly illustrating what I am claiming.

    I signed up for a VPS package around 3/11/11. First and fore most, if you plan on contacting support, prepare for the potential of being treated like they are paying you and not the other way around.

    I have a critical project that is 5 digits in revenue for my company. After extensive searching, I decided on hosting with PacificHost.

    While there are a few reasons I am extremely disappointed with them, I am only going to focus on the main one, because it paints a very good picture of what it is like to work with this company.

    So it is also important to note that I have NEVER installed or uploaded or ran anything (anything I started, not included standard software already installed and running at setup by Pacific).

    Nearly instantly I noticed that my memory utilization was pegged at anywhere between 75-98%. Never once dropping below 70. This was simply too high for me to feel comfortable doing any development on until this was resolved. So I first did a live chat help. I was instructed that while the button says “24/7 live chat online” that DOES NOT mean they will provide support there. It is just that… live chat.

    I was instructed to submit a ticket, to which I did.

    And thus began the journey. Over the course of a week, I never once saw my memory drop below 70%. I tried multiple times to explain why this was critical and had a time sensative element to it. I even choose to mark my ticket as emergency in hopes they would see this was a work stoppage issue to me.

    they ran back and forth with all kinds of things, asking me to restart my server, they claimed to make changes and asked me to see if that worked. (and by the way, I do not have a problem with the fact that at first things were not working right. These are computers afterall). None of what they did worked. I tried to get someone to engage on this quickly by explaining this was putting me at risk with a client and I would have to leave soon if this could not be resolved. After 3 days, nothing had changed and I received VERY little help. I made one direct phone call and that was odd to say the least. Again, I was made to feel I was inconveniencing them (though I could have swore it was me paying the money).

    Finally they try switching another setting with the implication this was the fix. Well, it wasn’t. So at this point, I made the decision to council.

    And WOW if that didnt actually get a quick response. If I could have that level of engagement on my real issue, I would most likely still be a client.

    So I explained my problem. “Paul’ asked if there was anything they could do to save the relationship. I said yes, solve this memory problem and get engaged as though it was their company on the line, because it was for me.

    “Paul” said ok and gave me a message to give to tech support (anyone find it strange that *I* was asked to contact another department in HIS company to tell them what to do?). I did that to which I Was once again asked to check my logs, they think they fixed it… NOPE!

    To show that I really wanted to make this work, I even upgraded my VPS package to more memory at my cost. I did NOT ask for it.

    That made things even worse. Now my memory utilization was pegged study at 98%. I try and try to get someone once again to actually look at this as though there was urgency and they cared… Nope!

    So then I refile a few tickets and I had to cancel. I simply can not afford any more time. I asked on a seperate thread for my money back per their “Guarantee”. I was actually told that I needed to stop submitting tickets about this because the more tickets I submit the longer it was going to take (did I just cross over to a terrorist cell zone and was my refund being held hostage until I just shut up?).

    He then said this in the ticket: “I will ensure it is refunded, the more tickets you make the more work we have the longer it takes.”

    WOW… gotta love that dedication to great customer service.

    At this point I am about to dispute the charges with my bank. I have no idea when any refund will be coming. I have moved to another company. I am also considering a Better Business Bureau complaint. Though I am not sure if that would just be carrying things too far.

    So all I can do now is warn others before spending a dime with PacificHost. And I as I said, I have extensive documentation to support every claim I have made including just now a snapshot of my cPanel showing 1.34 GB of 1.36 GB of available being used. And in the same screen shout you will see I have only used 5 GB of the 80GB storage I have and I have used 0% bandwidth. The 5 GB installed is primarily just the O/S and basics of setup.

    For more detailed accounting and documentation of my experience, please feel free to email me at:

    pachostproblems [at] quazarr [dot] com.

    I hope this helps someone else!

  4. Jason Carter says:

    I used several other web hosts before coming to pacifichost and I had a lot of problems with downtime and slowness when the site wasn’t down. It was killing us so I looked for other hosts and based my research on uptime and price. I chose pacifichost and they have been everything that I could have hoped for with absolutely no problems since we moved to their hosting. When I need support it is very quick and they take care of the issue with no attitude. I’m not an IT guy so this is important to me. Don’t have any complaints about ignorant techs or availability issues, they have always been there for me. I can’t say I have enough knowledge to tell you more about their reliability and uptime but at the very least the customer service is the best I have ever experienced.

  5. Jake Carvey says:

    I cant say enough good things about Pacifichost. I have been completely impressed with them. Its the best. You can enter a service request in and most of the time it will be answered within minutes.
    Mail system is superb, with spam controls, webmail and mailing list management about as good as one could want.
    I have NEVER had even a blip in server functioning.
    They could double their price and I would stay with them. They are that good and you won’t be disappointed. I don’t think I will ever leave.

  6. WebDesignPrint says:

    Bought a VPS server from them. Everything was fine until recently when they moved my VPS account to a new server. They just sent me an email that they were planning to do the migration but did not inform when the migration was to take place or how long it would take. When I emailed them asking about the time, they did not answer. A few days later I received a message that they moved my account, but nothing worked.
    I have spent hours trying to get any information from them. Their support is almost nonexistent, one of the support guys even closed the live chat conversation when he did want to answer my question.

    It has been a week now, most of my websites still do not work (missing databases), I do not have access to WHM panel and Support guys avoid me, their Support Hub is blocked (I cannot submit another support ticket or update any of the existing ones). I do not know if and when the issue will be fixed.

    Avoid PacificHost. Their prices may be good but the quality of service is below zero.