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  1. D Webster says:

    I’ve been very impressed with Just Host’s speed so far in getting me set up, nice and easy order form and my logins emailed to me within minutes.

    Then came the usual hard part of setting up the site as I’ve had a lot of problems in the past, but their site builders and templates were very impressive, so easy to use. I had my site up and running within 24 hours and tried emailing their support team with a few techie questions and they were really helpful and made things easy to follow.

    I’ve also taken advantage of the google credits and that also worked just as it should which again isn’t always the case.

  2. Brad says:

    For those of you who are considering hosting a site, i implore you to do a lot of research in forums and get feedback from others. I made the mistake on only doing a google search for ‘best web hosting’ and just host became my choice from this search. Just host may be low cost, but they fail to even give you your moneys worth for the little you pay.

    If you ever need tech support then forget about even talking to a real person. It seems like its one guy running the whole thing out of his garage. They take your money and then never make themselves available to support you. In my own personal experience, when it came to the end of my account subscription period, i wanted to cancel and go to someone else. Just host debited my bank account automatically without my permission to extend my subscription which took my bank account below zero. I was subsequently penalized by the bank. The short of it is… DONT USE JUST HOST!!

  3. Ursa Technologies Ltd says:

    We presently manage something over 20 sites, many of them for small companies and non-profit organizations. We have been with a local hosting company for 14 years, but recently began having concerns regarding their customer service. Just Host Web Hosting was recommended to us by a new customer.

    Just Host provides a better service for less than half what we have been paying locally. I phoned them for service on a matter pertaining to a site for a new customer (diplomatbakery.com) and received excellent real-time service.

    I was impressed enough to ask to speak with their tech support person’s supervisor to commend them. We have two sites with Just Host, and will have two more within the next week. FTP logins are faster than with our local hosting company and FTP transfers have been faster and flawless. Likely we will move the majority of our other sites to Just Host as their current hosting agreements run out.

    A.W., Ursa Technologies Ltd, Steveston, BC, Canada

  4. Siteology says:

    JustHosts Are Just The Best!

    As a web developer I have had many bad dealings with hosting companies thus far, and Just Hosts have already impressed, and I’ve only been a member 2 days! They responded within the hour to my query, and resolved it within 2 hours. I’m still waiting for my last host to get back to me, it’s been 5 days!

  5. Andy R says:

    JustHost has been a fast, useful hosting service. However, there was a period during which there were some technical difficulties with the physical servers. Unfortunately, the outages were during a critical time for my site to be up. Worst of all, a day’s worth of data was lost.

    Long story short, my site got back up within hours of when I needed it to be, but I wouldn’t recommend relying on them for important.

  6. Bruce Not Willis says:

    Hook up with JustHost about a year ago and I think they are great – Fast host, long uptime, rich hosting features, hassle-free setup, and not to mention about the ultra cheap price tag. I mean, for less than $5 a month, what else I can expect?

    The only thing I hope JustHost could improve a bit is their customer support services. It seems they are employing some sort of automated software to response to our questions in the early stage of the process.

    Best Regards, Bruce

  7. Ray says:

    JustHost has the worst customer service I have ever had. They claim their instant chat is great and your problem will be settled in term of minutes. But from my experience, all the instant chat does is tell you to send in a support ticket – big disappointment!

    Support tickets can take as long as 24 hours to get an answer and this is a big matter if you have an urgent issue with your website and need it to be fixed asap. Yeah, their price is very affordable but if you are newbie who needs hand-in-hand guidance, stay away from Justhost.

  8. Mikey Grey says:

    Here is a tip when buying services from JustHost. DON’T take their first offer. Go to their website, inititiate a chat session asking a bunch of questions about the deal. Be a little frustrated about the terms of the deal. DO NOT sign-up right away. Wait and you will get an email offering 50% off if you sign up now. They did this to me, mistakenly, 57 minutes after I had signed up for an account. Then they would not honer the offer because I had signed up. Really irritated me that I had made the effort to become a customer, then they offered me a 50% discount, then they wouldn’t honer it.

    Therefore, I am spreading the word on how to negotiate with JustHost.

  9. James says:

    I have been using Just Host as my hosting provider for around a year now. I came to them from another provider that I had nothing but trouble with. Joining Just Host was the best business decision I have ever made. The price they charge is fantastic, and the hosting unbeatable with unlimited everything. I think however for me the thing that I have been most impressed about (especially after my previous experience) is their amazing customer and tech support. Yes they have a priority support option which you pay extra for, but with regular support you get an e-mail response within the hour, 24/7 or an immediate response through their chat portal (where they have solved complicated tech issues for me) Any time I have had a technical issue (which is always down to me being pretty new to all of this) it has been resolved quickly and courteously. I have been blown away by how professionally the company is run, and recommend them to anyone who is looking for web hosting.