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  1. Mary says:

    I am a complete and total computer illiterate, so the absolute greatest thing about ipage is their customer service. I NEVER have to wait more than a few minutes and usually only a few seconds before some extremely knowledgeable guy or gal solves whatever problem I encounter.

    And if they don’t know the answer, they research it and email the answer. Really, I could go on and on. I am so jazzed about my Find. My website has been up for five days now, I am really proud of it, and I feel like I accomplished the world. I’m not such an illiterate anymore either. Now that’s an ego boost.

  2. Hani Elhatoum says:

    I am a relatively new customer of iPage, and had some aggravating issues with my mailbox and received a charge for a service I did not sign up for. Needless to say when I called customer service to straighten all of this out I was angry and primed for a fight!

    However, the rep was very apologetic and took care of the billing issue right away before passing me along to a tech expert to help me with my mailbox. He was also very helpful, and I was off the phone in under 10 minutes with a better view of iPage than I had originally started with! Absolutely delightful Customer Service.

  3. Connie Williams says:

    iPage helps remove Trojan attack at my site!

    I recently had my website hacked and there was a trojan virus placed on my site. I called in to support to ask them for help because i’ve never dealt with this before.

    Support removed the hack, gave me advice on passwords and account safety as well as gave me the option to have constant back ups available for the cheapest price ive ever seen. Great company in my opinion.

  4. tiffany says:

    I must say, I read alot of great reviews for ipage, and ordered it based on those reviews… What a mistake. I unfortunately had to switch to another hosting site due to a software gliche in the website designer. It took them almost a week to try and do this… as of now i am still waiting for them to direct the domain name to the correct hosting site. All they need to do is redirect the domain to the other hosting site.

    I am absolutely amazed at the incompentency of the tech staff. I will never go back to ipage, and I am trying to decide if I should just get another domain name, as they will not release the one I have for another year.

    Don’t waste your money!

  5. Renee says:

    I figured iPage was cheap enough and had a money back guarantee so if they sucked I wouldn’t lose my money—so I signed up for an account.

    It’s been over 6 months and I wouldn’t trade that decision for anything! My experience with the services and support has been top notch and I would recommend them to everyone!

  6. Reg G. says:

    I have to admit, after reading a few bad posts on here regarding downtime I was nervous to sign up for Ipage. However, my designer swears by them and hosts every site he works on soley through their servers, so I decided to see what happens. So far my sites have been up 100%, I’ve used the facebook, adwords and yahoo credits, and even added a second domain name that I connected to a blog MYSELF!

    Not very techy so Im pretty proud of that. Just wanted to write in and stick up for these guys, they are a great group and I highly recommend them.

  7. Anson says:

    I would NOT recommend iPage to anyone! It’s a nightmare!!!
    According to my experience here is the break down:

    DOWNTIME – Once or Twice a week at least
    SUPPORT – Fast but not helpful. Always claims that there’s no problem found
    PRICE – Cheap and I’ve learned my lesson

    Very unreliable hosting ever!!!!

  8. John G says:

    I’ve been going through a variety of differint hosts lately before I ended up giving ipage a try. It’s only been 2 months since I signed up with them but I have to give them credit for always keeping my website online.

    On top of that when I called them to get some help with things I couldnt understand, I got an American support rep each and every time unlike other hosts I tried out before ipage.They are truly a diamond in the rough.

  9. Steve says:

    iPage has been a NIGHTMARE for me! They are unix-based, so everything is case-sensitive, my email is responding with “mail nondeliverable” messages even though I receive the email, my pages load s-l-o-w-l-y, first line tech support rarely has an answer….shall I go on? Thank goodness they offer a refund!

  10. Leslie says:

    I like the ease of creating a website. I had it launched in one day. The help information is a little overwhelming, but at least it is available. I researched who to go with for much longer than it took me to build my website on Ipage. I’m happy with my choice!

    Regards, Leslie / bluedreamtahoe.com/

  11. Todd says:

    I just found out that iPage is selling their customers information to other 3rd parties such as SiteLock (www.sitelock.com). I canceled my service with them almost a year ago and yet they are still giving my information to 3rd parties. Personally I do not trust them if they are going to give out my name, phone, address, and email to other companies. Word of warning for all considering to use them.

  12. Mark says:

    i have been customer with ipage for two days.

    when i enrolled with ipage they failed to register my chosen domain name.
    this was corrected when i realised something was wrong.

    i did not expect the same thing to happen again. i purchased another domain name. 24hours later still found my purchased domain name in ‘available’ on all domain name databases. so again ipage took my money and failed to register my domain name. I eventually registerd the 2nd domain name with another register as i could not trust ipage to do that for me.

    im now gonna look for a local uk company to host my webpages.

    i certainly cannot trust ipage!

  13. iPage Reviewer says:

    I do not recommend iPage if you want to use WordPress or Joomla or Drupal. If your site relies on database access, the pages won’t load fast.

    Use this only for regular websites, simple business stuff.

    Also, don’t get your domain name from them. Use a 3rd party, like GoDaddy, and just set the name servers. This will help you if you want to make any host changes in the future (or you get a refund and quit iPage)

  14. Turner says:

    I have used several host and you get what you pay for. I find my site goes down for 20-30 minutes every week for no apparent reason. When the site it down more than an hour I notify ipage but they are slow to respond. I found out the problem before their tech support however did not have access to fix it. The setup and configuration is all manual so if you want something like cpanel don’t come here. Feels like they are lacking in tech knowledge and budget.

  15. Claire Hudson says:

    hey TWHR folks, thanks for the great hosting reviews! you guys tell the truth and that simply ROCKS! i have been with ipage for couple of month and so far things are working great for me.

    i like the fact that ipage has one of the cheapest deal in town and this makes me feel that i am saving money.it is true though, that ipage is using vdeck so users who like to get spoon fed by cpanel better think twice about ipage. other than that, i think ipage is cool and everything is good.

  16. LadyeFalcon says:

    I opened an account with them in August.
    I first opened a support ticket in Sept.
    I spoke with tech support numerous times.
    Not only was the issue never resolved, the support team was awful. The information they provided was inaccurate and I got allot of excuses but no solutions. I really thought that a few times they must be bots, as it seems they would pick up one word and provide a response based on that one word and many times the response was completely out of context.

    Here is just one example:
    From ipage tech support
    “We apologize for providing you with inaccurate information earlier, and we regret any inconvenience that may have caused you. I have checked the folder ‘Forum’ and the files were already there in the folder. I have checked the forum at /Forum and it is working fine without any issue.”

    At first they said it was not working because the folder was empty. At least this support person admitted his mistake unlike the others. As you can see the folder was not empty, however it was not working fine as stated and it was not the only page I encountered these problems. However I always got the same responses, ‘missing files’ ‘FrontPage’ “It’s working fine on our end” etc. Basically the problem was never on their end, the problem always supposedly was on my end. From the responses I got I doubt very seriously they even bothered to check they just sent out some canned reply to the problem based a few keywords.

    So after months of this I requested a refund. My account is inactive and as of this date I still have not received any refunds.

    Best I can figure is for some reason even when using an FTP client the files would not upload on the server properly. I tested the files using several other hosting sites, using both FrontPage and the same FTP client I used with them – they worked perfectly on 4 different hosting sites (2 paid sites 2 free sites)

    The service is not FrontPage compatible as advertised, also if you use Visual studio (which also relies on FP ext) it is not compatible either.
    You will notice after you sign up there is a disclaimer stating something to the fact that FrontPage is discontinued so they no longer support it. The support staff kept reverting back that excuse for my problems even though I was no longer using FrontPage with their service as it simply did not work.

  17. michael says:

    Okay ipage will it works like this if you have a small site they will love you and you will like them. I it’s easy to use control panel, and they are up almost all the time. However If you have a site that uses a lot of memory they will shut you down quickly. I designed a lot of sites and i used a lot of server hosts, for example i have four sites with ipage.com for now. There terms of agreement states that they can shut you down when they feel like it. (User agreement part 18) They state that you may use as much memory as long you have it liked to the site that is a lie. The customer supports are rude and they may close the phone on you if they don’t want to deal with your problem. Truly the only thing about this company they have a great control panel. My advice is to find other host for your sites. There is a lot of host that are better than ipage and cheaper. You can find a free one that will offer you more than ipage like http://www.000webhosting.com great for small sites or for cheap unlimited memory like http://www.hostinginsiders.com that will give you more than ipage ever will.

  18. Laura says:

    First I’ll state that iPage is good for personal, blog, and small business websites. It is not good for bussiness, high traffic, corporate websites. Or anyone that needs 100% uptime. I’ve been using iPage for at least 6 months now. In that time, I’ve experienced a few things I was disappointed in.

    There has been quite a few downtime periods. That costs me money when my clients can’t access my site and so they move on to someone else. The second, I’m not all that impressed with their control panel. If anyone here has ever used cPanel, this is nothing compared to that.

    The staff is nice, but kinda robotic like. Obviously they have a script they go off of, so you really only get some many answers. If you are a web designer, developer or anything related to it. This is not the web host for you. If your website experiences high traffic or needs a reliable host with close to 100% uptime. try another host.

  19. Alan Lee says:

    I have chosen iPage hosting to host my 12 websites. Here I would like to share my honest review about this hosting.


    1. Security impressed me most. I suffered from bad down time due to hacking of my previous hosting. However, after I changed to iPage, the hosting is secure and I have no more troubles. iPage also provides an enhanced security suite with daily malware and spam canning and 24x 7 network monitoring.

    As my websites are mainly using wordpress script, I found it is very secure installing wordpress script using the iPage script installation.

    2. Second point is technical customer service. They give quite prompt reply and they also provide 24 x 7 customer support. The technical support also has professional technical knowledge. I have faced problem in transferring my websites (using wordpress script) to iPage. Finally, I managed to transfer with the help of the support with step by step guide through chatting.

    3. Price is another good merit to me. The price is very affordable with the features of unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth and mysql database. If you are like me that building many micro niches site, this is perfect to bring down your costs.

    4. Green hosting is another reason why I chose this hosting. This is because I hope to contribute a little to the environment.


    I think the FAQ section is not clear enough. I have faced problems with transferring my wordpress driven websites to iPage at the beginning. This is because they only allow wordpress install through their secure script installation. If the website is manually transferred by ftp uploading to the hosting, there is a problem of log into wordpress admin. The correct way is to install the core wordpress script through their script installation and then ftp upload the other add ons files. It finally solved with the help of iPage technical support. But hey – safety first!

    Overall, iPage is a very good and reliable hosting with very good technical support. The Uptime is also quite satisfactory. I highly recommended this hosting to anyone who is looking for low cost but good and reliable hosting.

  20. Carol St. says:

    I am surprise with some of the bad comments about ipage here so I decided to share my experience with the host here. To me, ipage is a 10/10 host. It has been 8 months my site staying at ipage – I remember the ordering process was smooth, the server is performing very well until today, and the features given are more than enough. You might neglect my rating on the customer support department since I contacted the support only once – however, the supports wereresponsive and they solved my problem pretty quick.

    I used to stick with Godaddy before I switch to ipage and trust me, things are much, much worse over there and not to mention that ipage is slightly cheaper than them.

  21. P Riehl says:

    Absolutely to be avoided.

    To get a simple web hosting plan you have to wade through 5 or 6 screens of upselling, THEN once registered, you HAVE to move your domain name registration to them (which – surprise! – is probably more expensive than your existing registrar)…of course there’s no warning of this ahead of time.

    Then you cancel for your ‘full money back refund’ only to find that anything you purchased during the endless upselling is NOT refunded.

    They’re simply a bunch of con artists as far as I’m concerned. Run, don’t walk, the other direction.

  22. CreatingAdam.info says:

    I’ve been using iPage for the past year, predominantly to host my web resume. I was attracted by the very low price, unlimited storage and the level of support. Throughout the process of creating my site, I was impressed at how iPage has helped streamline much of the development process for additional systems such as WordPress and CopperMIne – systems I’ve always wanted to use but could never figure out how.

    And even when I made mistakes in setting them up and configuring them (which really were completely my fault) iPage’s tech support was always happy to help, and were very quick in resolving any questions or problems I had. Adding my own site pages so effortless, it was barely noticeable. But for me, customer service is the most important aspect, and I feel that iPage offers a consistently high quality of support and service whenever I need it. I constantly recommend them to my friends and family, and look forward to many more years of flawless and reliable service.

  23. Tingting Rimart says:

    I have been blogging for more than six years, but five years of it was spent using WordPress free blogging platform. On the fifth year, I decided to take it a step higher. I opted to have my own blog hosted by HostGator. That time, they had a promo and so I grabbed it. My choice of web hosting company did not pan out as expected. To cut the story short, HostGator was not able to help me achieve with my goal.

    A year after that, I learned about iPage through my husband. I subscribed with them, and on the same day, my blog was published using the same WordPress platform. I was ecstatic and contented. Most importantly, iPage customer services is superb! They help me a lot with my questions.

    It has been seven months, and I am still satisfied with iPage services. Thanks, iPage!

  24. Pam says:

    Perfect for first timers. I didn’t want to spend too much money on my first site since I’m so new at this.

    So far so good no problems, website set up went smoothly. Ipage let me get my site up quickly and easily for close to nothing – i did everything my self using their web building tools , phone representatives were always friendly and helpfull whenever i had a question….

    The only complaint i have is the wait time for chat help can be rather long.

  25. Peter says:

    Avoid these con artists at all costs. They lie about their guarantee and they don’t disclose the regular pricing.

    They make it seem like the advertised price is the regular price, but it is really a promo price that goes up significantly after a year. They never tell you that the intro price is a promo or what the “regular” price is going to be.

    The offer a “cancel any time money back guarantee” but when you try to cancel they say that is for the first 30 days only and they are going to charge you $35 to cancel the account. I argued with the rep for 30 minutes and they still weren’t able to show me anywhere on the site where it said the guarantee was for the first 30 day only, but they were happy to keep claiming it was and wanting to charge me to cancel.

    Stay away from this company unless you like getting deceived, tricked and lied to.

  26. Adam Reid says:

    iPage is a no-brainer to me.

    I’ve been using iPage for the past year, predominantly to host my web resume. I was attracted by the very low price, unlimited storage and the level of support (not to mention other great reviews it was getting).

    Throughout the process of creating my site, I was impressed at how iPage has helped streamline much of the development process for additional systems such as WordPress and CopperMIne – systems I’ve always wanted to use but could never figure out how. And even when I made mistakes in setting them up and configuring them (which really were completely my fault) iPage’s tech support was always happy to help, and were very quick in resolving any questions or problems I had. Adding my own site pages so effortless, it was barely noticeable. But for me, customer service is the most important aspect, and I feel that iPage offers a consistently high quality of support and service whenever I need it. I constantly recommend them to my friends and family, and I look forward to many more years of flawless and reliable service.

  27. Greg Carrico says:

    iPage is highly recommended in my book – solid service, great pricing!

    iPage offers a way to get your domain name, set up a website and as many email addresses as you need, and do it quickly for just a few bucks a month. My site was up in minutes, with some online chat help from a technician. The techs are knowledgeable and helpful, but not over-the-top friendly, Disney style. They help you efficiently, and get on with business.

    Overall, they are a great value, and I recommend them.

  28. Andrei Dascalu says:

    A horrible host.
    If you want to start a website with them, their offer is pretty great but there’s little to no detail control over the services.
    If you want to migrate from another host to iPage,you’re in for a rough ride as there are limitations on every step and no help whatsoever from tech support.
    – a 10 Mb limit on database imports
    – no possibility to unzip files via File Manager (in case you want to bundle a load of sites at once since copying file by file takes a really long time)
    – very limited operations via File Manager
    – no shell access
    – tech support unhelpful on the brink of rudeness
    – you need to open a ticket for every operation that’s outside the control panel but that doesn’t guarantee resolution, resulting in having your site offline during the process.

  29. Mikey Grey says:

    iPage is a go, full stop.

    I know, there are a lot of different voices about iPage but believe me, people just like to complain and they never think about the amount of money they are paying. As the old sayings say: Haters will always hate.

    What you are getting, for a small amount of money per month, from iPage, is a lot. unlimited hosting, free customer supports, easy installation for more than hundred of software, and don’t forget, iPage is a green hosting and this means you do not addup your carbon footprint when hosting with iPage. Dude, you are getting all this for just less than $5 per month, whats there to complain and rant about?

    What I like about iPage is its user-friendly interface and its superly-fast activation. It’s been good 3 months I am sailing with iPage and I have to tell you that I am one happy iPage customer. For sure, I will rate all 5 stars for this cheap web host!

  30. Lanny says:

    I recently moved to ipage hosting. Just found out that their IP range for customers is blocked in China. Strangely, ipage.com IP is not blocked. When I asked support what I should do, they said I should host my own web site on my own server. I couldn’t help but ask, “Why do I need ipage then?”