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  1. says:

    We experienced a problem a few weeks ago. We felt very good about the immediate contact with your tech people, and their desire to help. It just so happened that the problem was not identified by us until very late at night. The night techs were as helpful as possible but we did not feel they were not as exerienced as the day people.

    As soon as the day people were in, our problem was fixed in a jiffy and we appreciate and value your expertise. Incidentally, in the next few months it is almost a certainty that we will need a bigger system and I plan to seriously be talking to your customer service or tech people on what our best options are. We definitely plan to stay with Inmotion as we grow, and we plan to have several websites within the next 18 months.

  2. Aquitainealarmes says:

    We are based in Europe so initially we had concerns over the time difference with the USA and the potential delays for support. We have been with inmotion hosting for nearly two years now and whenever we have had a problem or question, it has been resolved exceptionally quickly.

    If the issue gets complicated we have noted that the support team never gives up until the issue is resolved satisfactorily. We are very happy and impressed with the support we have had so far.

  3. Mark Brady says:

    I have been an InMotion Hosting customer for several years now. I cannot rate them highly enough. Everyone that deals with online business or business people has experienced the norm. The norm is poor customer service, poor response time and VERY POOR staff experience. These days most of us deal with International companies. The phone calls are mostly free so that is not an issue.

    Generally, a very high percentage of companies pay their staff peanuts and they get monkeys. When you employ staff like that and don’t put considerable time and expense into training them, your business outputs poor service. I have dealt with InMotion’s staff on many occasions as a web designer and business owner. EVERY contact has not only been pleasant but very swift and my issues are always resolved in a most efficient manner. They certainly take the stress out of your day. Very well spoken ENGLISH SPEAKING staff makes a huge difference. Thank you for being the best company I have ever dealt with EVER

  4. Iman says:

    Comparing to unlimitedgb provided unlimited disk space, sub domains and free sms and every thing and i don’t have any words to explain them it is simply superb..

  5. Chris L says:

    I’ve used InMotion for several years and host multiple sites. From the beginning–when I had little experience–learning was quick because all of my questions were answered within minutes by InMotion’s highly professional tech and customer service teams. Now that I have several years under my belt, I occasionally have more advanced questions and sometimes difficult situations that I can’t work out myself — it’s a real sense of relief to be able to click on their Live Chat any hour of the day or night and have someone help me figure out my problem right away. First-rate company all around.