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  1. No Name says:

    When you clients get message such as this Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer! and when you seo guy says it is the fault of your web site host provider and when you call them and say there is nothing they can do and when they lose email accounts and data, are these the people you really want to trust your most important marking tool with?

    Sometimes you get what you pay for, Host Monster is no Bargain, the price you pay in the end is higher than any provider.

  2. Joseph Schinzel says:

    I used a lot of web hosts over the past 8 years in the web design business, and I can personally vouch for Hostmonster’s uptime and reliability, not to mention their fantastic 24/7 customer support, which, by the way, is not in India. All American with this company.

    The way I want it to understand what is being said. I would recommend this company to anybody needing some serious business hosting TLC.

  3. Alberta says:

    The only bad thing about Hostmonster is that it still uses the number of running processes on your account as the limit of activity you are allowed on your site. IMAP connections tend to take up a lot of distinct resources and for that reason I had to migrate to a VPS despite the fact that we had a small site. I suppose we could just have gone with POP3 for email. They limit activity at 25 concurrent processes. Some hosts still only allow 15 and that is just plain silly.

    Been with Hostmonster for 2 years and for all that time I nave never waited long for issues to be resolved and I always spoke to someone who spoke real English. They have all the features every other host has but what they don’t promote enough is that they sell domain names for only $10/year while some charge $15. They also have their own domain name manager and that is a really useful feature if you have a few domain names to manage.

  4. Jeff says:

    Server is down again today like many times in the past month. Sometime up to 3 times a week. Can not recommend it anymore.