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  1. VaggoLena says:

    Great support and amazing service equals a winner!

    Usually I do not give feedback on services because usually everything is average. In this case I can not express how impressed I am with hostgator. My site is extremely fast and responsive, even more than I imagined.

    Support the past few days has been nothing less than spectacular, and yesterday after I got off the phone with a representative named Josh N. all I have to say, besides his help and politeness, is that his handling of a small mysql issue that had my subdomain not working was resolved extremely fast and very efficiently, enough to make me go WOW!!!

    Just want to say thank you to the staff and to hostgator, it is not often that you see a company that simply knows what it’s doing yet at the same time actually care about its customers.

  2. suninja says:

    Been around for almost a month, and I’ve hardly had any issues with HostGator.

    My website is fast, and has never had a single minute of downtime this month. Unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for an awesome low price, with no hidden limits! Before moving to HostGator, I used a free forum host called Forumotion. They were good…..but very limited (no FTP or control over your own domain). I decided that was enough, and investigated several hosts, and ended up choosing HostGator. I run Joomla 1.5 with Phpbb 3 as my forum. I’m the leader of a PlayStation 3 gaming clan, and needed a more flexible host for my hosting needs.

    So far, HostGator has surpassed my expectations. The support is awesome as well! I’ve only had one minor issue, and it was a 403 error on my Ajax Chat caused by mod_security. I talked to the chat technician, who went on my Ajax Chat to duplicate the problem, and then whitelisted my site and never had another issue again!

    My Suggestions to HostGator:

    – For Affiliates, allow to put expiration dates on coupon codes

    – Allow to send coupon codes via email with a special template

    – For any security changes that might effect our websites, notify via CPanel so I don’t have to play a guessing game πŸ˜›

    Anyway, thanks HostGator, so far so good!

  3. Greg Holcomb says:

    Hostgator is good!

    I have been using hostgator for 3 or 4 years now and they have been no problem at all to me. They have always had the technologies I have wanted in a version that is fairly up-to-date. There is of course, a small learning curve associated with their user-interface (as there is with any such thing) but they make it very easy to get through (lots of video tutorials and such).

    I have actually learned alot just from that feature of theirs. I have a plan that costs me about $11 per month, and I know that there are other companies that have cheaper rates. $11 bucks a month is not that big of a hardship for the rock steady product I have enjoyed. I’ll be honest and own up to the fact that I have never used any other host. I dont really have anything to compair hostgator to. I am happy enough with their product that I dont need anything to compair them to. And I think that that is a pretty good endorsement…

  4. Joey says:

    I’ve been using hostgator for a few years now and have been pretty satisfied. I have two hosting accounts with them and have recommended them to people as well. I did have a negative experience with them recently on one of my hosting accounts. My site was apparently using too much resources and they had set a rule where no one could access my site but myself.

    They did this with no upfront warning and I was forced to figure out what was eating the resources, upgrade my account to VPS or move to a new host. After careful thought, I did choose to stay with them as hostgator has always been reliable. I thought how they handled the situation could have been better though, as a long time customer it would have been nice if they had gave me some kind of break for the first months price of VPS or allowed my site to be up for another day while I figured things out. Now my site has been down for 5 days and its just recently getting back up.

  5. John Hartner says:

    Their tech support is not very helpful. They have botched numerous server transfers and do not keep with the time line they provide. Additionally, they will upgrade their servers (dedicated and shared) without any notification… often times causing database errors causing downtime. Not very happy with them.

  6. Christy Cake says:

    I have picked Hostgator to run my 5 blogs. Here I would like to share my personal review about this hosting. Here are the two advantages I love the gators the most:

    One, The technical supports impressed me most. Hostgator gives quite prompt reply and the technical staffs are generally equipped with good technical knowledge. There were some problems in transferring my websites (using wordpress script) during the transition and Mika (if not mistaken, one of their Level 2 staffs) helps me a lot in solving all the tech. difficulties.

    Two, Price is another good merit to me. Well okay… Hostgator is not that cheap when compare to many others but i think they are very reasonable – seeing that they come with great features like unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth and mysql database. If you are like me that building many micro niches site, this is perfect to bring down your costs.

    I hope this helps.

  7. Derrick Rose Is Da Best says:

    Like most of the Hostgator users here, I am very happy with the Gator’s service. I started using Hostgator VPS hosting back in year 2010. It was a little new by then and I was first hesitate to switch. But then again, I made the move and never regret that I chose HG.

    Hostgator, in overall, is a very reliable hosting company. The support staffs are professional, the servers are well maintained, and most importantly, the company takes their customers with respect.

    So yeah, if you are considering HG – just make the move without any hesitation. πŸ™‚

  8. says:

    Not sure that I’d use this service again. True, they’ve been reliable, but there are problems with the so-called ‘free toll free number’ for biz customers, and the best they can say is to tell you they don’t provide CS for that service. They can’t tell you what the regular rate of their service is after the ‘special introductory’ rate wears off… or why the rate you are currently paying for you account is so much higher than it seems it should be.

    They are very good at giving non-answers. The technical people, on the other hand, are quite good and happy to help. So I have really mixed feelings about Host Gator. I’ve been with them for 2 years, and occasionally ask myself if it would be worth the time and trouble to change providers. Still haven’t given myself a straight answer, so I guess I’m just as bad as their CS people! Given the problems and the obfuscations of the CS agents, I’m just not sure I’d recommend HostGator to anyone.