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  1. Jack Ashrof says:

    I absolutely love this hosting company. When I called around for a hosting provider, these were the first guys to pick up within a few seconds! The quality answers that I received was very detailed unlike some of the other “yes we have”, “no we don’t” short answers!

    Since signing up I have had a very positive experience with their tech people too! I accidentally overwrote the files on my site, I called them and they reverted back to the backups they had! Saved my butt! They are affordable, friendly, and a pleasure to have as a hosting company! Definitely recommended!

  2. Ricardo Lopez says:

    GreenGeeks has been a wonderful web host to work with. I went with their reseller service, which helped me offer web hosting to my customers. The pricing and features that are available to me and my customers is simply put, just right. They have been very honest with me in how they operate and any time there are problems (the few times there were), they’ve been upfront and vocal about it. The same issues seem to never be repeated and I am very thankful for that! The eco friendly aspect of the hosting is also very good.

    We love it and love GreenGeeks for the service that they offer! Go with these guys, you won’t be sorry.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I switched to Green Geeks for ethical reasons, I was thinking of the environment. I have never received such bad service in my life.
    -Initially, they assume that you are a Level 3 Programmer and baffle you with tech talk. -They are expensive compared to other companies.
    -I was receiving a lot of Time Outs, they blamed by site.
    -My Site was down and “overloaded”. They blamed my site.

    I did some research and they had actually put me on a shitty overloaded server. No.4. I demanded that they move me to a new location and then I did not receive my email…

    In the meantime, I contacted other more reliable companies and whilst GG had access to my mail. (Trying to fix it… I presume they read a quote from Blue Host). They then completed ignored my support needs. I contacted Support, Sales even Trey the CEO with no balls. NOTHING… I used my Gmail as their shitty mail was not working. NOTHING.

    I canceled and demanded a refund. NOTHING. Just the typical your 30 day Guarantee has now expired. I searched around and there are many Green Hosting companies. AVOID this Company.

  4. Steve says:

    Do not recommend These guys at all!!! I have had more trouble with this hosting company in 1.5 years than I did in 3 years at Host Dime. Going back to Host Dime.
    They do not allow backups of your sites, do not restore in a timely manner and then even if you get a live person they just fill out the trouble ticket for you and you are at the mercy of the ticket system and then all handled by cowardly emails. My server was hacked 3 times in one month and it was always my fault even after I took the security measures they told me to take! Email servers seem to have a bug in them and cause down time for hours every couple of months. Bad for business! I lost 4 of my biggest clients due to unreliable servers!!! Thanks for turning my customers against me Green Geeks

  5. James says:

    Insanely awesome!.

    I switched my site over to GreenGeeks over a year ago and I’m insanely impressed with the level of customer service that I have received. Their actual hosting service works, it’s reliable and its fast. The amount of features that I get with the service is also something that I really enjoy.

    I’ve used the technical support via telephone several times, each time I have been connected with a representative that knows exactly what they are talking about and was able to get my issues resolved. The price that I am paying is a little bit more than what I am used to paying, but then again, the service that I had that was cheaper didn’t work! So I guess you get what you pay for. GreenGeeks definitely a great buy! I haven’t been disappointed with their service and the future looks good.

  6. Trevor says:

    I like many other people don’t know too much about web sites. All I know is that I need one for my business. I was previously with a hosting company out of Texas, but decided to move to GreenGeeks after being recommended to them by a friend of mine. One of the other reasons why I chose to go with them, was because of their free site migration.

    After signing up, I simply asked their team to do the migration for me, and my site as moved over for me. I didn’t have to lift a finger which was nice! The service since being moved to them has been great. I do not have any sort of complaint to report so far. I’ve been with them for about 6 months now, and I look forward to renewing my service with them.