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FatCow User Reviews


  1. DebraLambPsychic says:

    Debra Lamb Psychic Loves FatCow!

    I found FatCow on the Consumer Report site as one of the top recommended web hosting sites for price and customer service. Their web building tools made building my website fairly easy, considering I had absolutely no experience, and every time I called tech support (which was a lot) I was helped by a friendly and knowledgeable associate. I also received encouragement along the way!

  2. Russel Jackson says:

    FatCow’s staffs are extremely helpful and personable!

    Extremely helpful and personable. FatCow reps have shown a qenuine interest in by buisness needs. There are very few reps in any company that I have come across for years that show the professional, courtious, and personnal service Ryan has shown. This gentleman is TOP NOTCH!

  3. Aileen says:

    I just had the worst experience with FatCow! They offer the 30 day refund and when you try to get the refund within 30 days, they say they will but they don’t! I had to call back 3 times before they issued my refund! To top that off, they took my domain when I asked them about transfer information! I will be adding my complaint to the already existing list of complaints they have with the Better Business Bureau!

    Research the BBB and you will find out that as of 5/01/10, they have had 128 complaints regarding billing within the last 36 months and I will be another to make it 129. Who knows how many else they had prior! They are horrible to deal with and FatCow should be closed!!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I’m surprised at all the positive reviews. I am in the process of canceling my two FatCow accountd due to the WORST customer service I have ever had.

    Issue 1:
    I had a problem with my wordpress site and needed to restore a backup automatically made the day before. I was on LiveChat support for almost TWO HOURS, mostly being put on hold. The person had NO idea how to restore a backup. He told me to reinstall WordPress. That wasn’t going to do anything to restore my site! He even told me it was fixed after reinstalling wordpress and showing me a totally blank site.
    Yes…the tech support could not perform a restore. I had NO idea how to do it, but stumbled upon the answer while I was on hold for the 20th time. Absolutely terrible experience. He was very obviously an outsourced foreign card-flipper generating automated responses.

    Issue 2:
    When writing to their support to tell them not to auto-renew my account I was told that I would be billed $99 for the year. On their site they advertise $88 as being the regular price. They claim “rising costs” raise their prices, but it’s listed as $88 still on their site. This is deceptive and wrong. This is more than deceptive, it’s a blatant lie.

    This is a terrible company. They have a cute front, but their support is awful. I doubt their “green wind energy” claims are real. I highly recommend going somewhere honest. I am switching to http://www.surpasshosting.com at the recommendation of a friend. I can’t speak for them, but they have to be better than FatCow, which turned out to be a Fat load of Bull.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Unfortunately Fatcow blindsides you with changes to their policies and pricing with no notice. I have been a customer for 3 years and have noticed several changes. Huge increases in annual hosting fees. Sudden discontinuation of “free for life domain name” (even though it is still advertised).

    To make matters worse the customer service is horrible. It appears to be a third party sub-contracted customer service firm with little knowledge.

  6. Martin says:

    Not the worst, certainly not the best. My sites are monitored and I have had about 50 notices of temporary shutdowns of the sites. They are usually fifteen minutes or less, but I don’t think this qualifies as 99% up time. Attempting to explain this to their “agents” is fairly useless; they magically think it has to do with the cable company or some such notion. Companies would do well to understand that people can handle “I don’t know” as an answer to difficult questions.
    I do commend them on the ease with which I was able to use Worpress.

  7. Beth Harrison says:

    Fatcow doesn’t even abide by their own terms of service. I was dealing with them, even have three accounts with them, but the moment their team couldn’t do a simple domain name transfer I requested a refund. Funny how the loss of money made a fire light under their ass because they were able to actually do it by then. Of course now they refuse to give me a full refund as per their own terms of service. So now I am canceling all my accounts with them and will refuse to ever do business with them or any other affiliate of their main company. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lena says:

    Fat Cow seems to me to be a work-study program for 11th graders interested in computers. I just transferred my website hosting to Fat Cow a month ago. last week I noticed that the site wasn’t up any longer. I called Fat Cow customer service and they told me the routers or whatever were still directed at my old web hosting company. He said he would take care of it and my website would be back up in 24-48 hrs.

    Two days later my site was still down and i called Fat Cow again. A different agent said they weren’t allowed to re-direct and I had to call my old web hosting to fix this. I called the old company who told me they had deleted my site so the new company is only able to do this Basically I called Fat Cow four more times that day–with about 8-10 minutes on hold each time I called–to reverse the issue. It is now day four and my website is still not up and I am currently on hold with Fat Cow–minute 10…Seems to me if your site is up and running, Fat Cow does a great job–but if you have an issue, they are very slow to respond and extremely unprofessional.

    Every agent I spoke to has apologized but the bottom line is I am still losing business because my site is not back up.

  9. Peter The Maker says:

    Stephanie, I am too surprise at how negative is your fatcow review.

    I got my first fatcow account back in June last year. Personally I have zero problem with running my blogs on fatcow hosting. From what i recalled, the ordering process was smooth and quick. my account got activated almost immediately and i can start uploading my files as well as installing wordpress blogs. this is particular important for me as i need those blogs up to start running my link ads business.

    Right now, i am hosting 5 wordpress blogs at fatcow and i have nothing to complain. All of my five sites remain responsive and strong uptime so far. so…. i guess haters will hate and no matter how good is the host doing, there will be bunch of unhappy customers with full of complaints.

  10. Steph says:

    I have used Fatcow for a few years now and have nothing but praise for everything they offer and have done for me. I was not totally new to website hosting/development and such, but was not really seasoned either.

    Honestly, Fatcow customer service has gone beyond what I thought possible many times with me. It’s a truly wonderful company to host your websites.

    The FC teams have offered me so much help that, at times, I feel I paid for the entire year of web site hosting in a day’s customer service help. You could never go wrong with choosing Fatcow. And, whether a big deal or not with you, Fatcow entire customer service staff is located in Utah. This makes english a natural language for them, and your experience with Customer Service more enjoyable.

    So ya! I do recommend Fatcow – which explains why I am voting 5 stars in every category here. In case you are looking for an affordable hosting service, Fatcow – below $6 per month – is a very good choice.

    XOXO, Steph.

  11. www.sewcustomized.com says:

    I had NO experience with website building, planning, designing. Fatcow had a great deal (I paid $132 for three years of website hosting and that price included one year of a domain). Since getting my husband’s small business website going both of us have continued to work on it, updating it and improving it. My husband easily is able to add pictures, text, pages etc and his previous knowledge of website building was less than mine. I’ve contacted Tech Support several times for different issues and each time they’ve been more than courteous and helped me with all my issues. If Fatcow doesn’t change I’ll be a customer for life. The best feature I like is you can build websites no matter your skill level and you can grow your skill level with your website!