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Interview with Meredith Livesay, VPSNext Marketing Manager

Hi Meredith, what can we know about yourself and the company, VPSNext?

Well, I’d like to start by saying thank you for giving me the change for this interview.  My name is Meredith and I am the Marketing Manager for VPSNext.  Through the time that I have been with them I have seen this company grow tremendously even in a short amount of time. 

VPSNext began about five years ago as a web hosting company that focuses solely on the virtual private server market.  One of the aspects I love most about this company is that it is locally owned and operated; this allows us to really focus on our customers and what they want.  Feedback is crucial to our business. 

VPSNext as a company is very focused on offering quality products, while still keeping our prices competitive.

What kind of hosting services does VPSNext  offer?

VPSNext is focused solely on the virtual private server market.  We let our customers choose between six different plans, ranging from starter packages to plans that fit more experienced webmasters.  Also, our customers can choose from cPanel/WHM and Plesk for their control panel, or they may choose to have the no-control-panel option for more control.  As an added bonus, with every VPS plan, we give our customers Google AdWords credits up to $100 and free set-up!  All of our plans come pre-configured and ready to go out of the box.

The web hosting industry is very competitive. What makes VPSNext  different than the others?

There are quite a few advantages that we have over our competition. However, if we had to narrow it down to just one, it would be customer service. Our customer service is top-notch and is available 24/7/365 either by phone, email, livechat or our ticket system. 

I’ll sneak in just one more and that is: all of our services come preconfigured with the latest software, and ready to use right when you get it, no setup time, and no configuration, just simple, plug and play.

Some users might not understand the concept of VPS very well. Can you tell us who should go with VPS hosting? Who are VPSNext ’s target customers?

Our typical customer is one who has outgrown their shared environment but is not ready to move to a dedicated server.  A VPS is also the perfect fit for large scale communities such as, developer forums, design boards, and many other types of resource consuming activities.  Additionally, e-commerce users prefer to be on a virtual private server because it is like having their own box.

What can we know more about VPSNext ’s data centers?

That’s a great question.   We are currently running our data center out of Equinix; one of the largest and most secure data centers on the east coast.

However, we are currently in the process of migrations over to our own facility, which is about to come online within the next 30 – 45 days (in middle or late August this year).   
As far as our back up resources, our new in-house data center has Cat generators which are capable of generating 1.5 Megawatts each, and boot up in parallel to ensure a smooth power transfer off the mainline grid if needed.  We run multiple connections to ensure maximum uptime. Any provider that doesn’t have multiple connections really isn’t capable of offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  Additionally, we use multiple feeds from diverse providers. Some of the folks in our BGP mix are; Savvis, Level3, Global Crossing, Cogent and others. The hand offs range from 1Gbit/sec to fully fledged 10Gbig/sec connections.  Our customers will see a vast improvement in speed and reliability. We are very excited about this!

Where do you see VPSNext in 3 years time?

We see ourselves continuing to grow and further ourselves within the VPS market and offering other flavours of the VPS series such as; OSX (Apple OS), and Windows.

Thank you very much for your time, all the best to you and VPSNext.

Once again, thanks for having me on, I really appreciate the chance to share a little bit about VPSNext!

For more details, visit VPSNext online: http://www.vpsnext.com

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