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Interview with Trey Gardner, SiteCloud Owner and CEO

Based in Santa Monica California, SiteCloud is recently founded by Trey Gardner. The company offers various hosting solutions including shared, VPS, as well as reseller hosting. SiteCloud is one of the early adapters that offers cloud hosting services in cPanel/WHM – All websites hosted on SiteCloud are backed by SingleHop’s cloud services.

Caution: This SiteCloud interview is no longer valid as the company does not provide cloud-base shared web hosting services starting April 08, 2011. In fact visitors who visit SiteCloud will now be directed to the company’s sister company, GreenGeeks (which is a great shared hosting by the way) instead.

For other alternatives, we also recommend iPage, FatCow, and JustHost

Kindly introduce yourself and SiteCloud.

My name is Trey Gardner and I am the owner and CEO of SiteCloud. I have been in the web hosting business for over 12 years and I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest minds in the hosting industry.

What kind of services does SiteCloud offer?

SiteCloud offers services for everyone. We have shared, reseller, VPS & Dedicated server hosting, all of which are cPanel services located on top of cloud hosting infrastructure.

How SiteCloud is different than other web hosting companies?

SiteCloud is different because of our proprietary systems which allow us to offer cPanel on top of a load balanced cloud infrastructure. This means we can cater to larger web sites or sites that may experience a spike in their traffic and usage patterns. Typically those larger sites get pushed off from one provider to the next because of their usage patterns and needs but at siteCloud as they grow we can grow their package to accommodate those needs.

Who should be using SiteCloud? Please briefly describe SiteCloud’s targeted market.

Really everyone who is looking to build a web site and help it grow are targets for SiteCloud’s services. We make it easy for clients who have achieved success with their sites to grow into larger plans without having to migrate to another server or move to another company, everything can be done in house and easily with SiteCloud.

How can you help for customers who are migrating their sites from other web hosts?

We offer free website migration from other web hosting providers. Our technical team works with new and existing clients to help them bundle up those site files and emails and get them setup here at SiteCloud. We believe that customer service does not end when we have opened your account for you and we work hard to make sure that your needs are taken care of here which includes our helping you move your account over to us and in a timely manner with no stress.

Where do you see SiteCloud in 3 years time?

SiteCloud shall be and will be the leader in cloud hosting services. Others out there now only provide cloud services as an infrastructure but at SiteCloud we provide so much more and will continue to do so while the rest of the industry plays catch-up.

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