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Interview with Trey Gardner, GreenGeeks CEO

GreenGeeks has been in business for a couple of years and the company is now one of the best green hosting companies. In this Q&A session, GreenGeeks CEO Trey Gardner is going to help us understand more about the hosting company.

Hello there. Can you please tell us more about yourself and your company, GreenGeeks?

My name is Trey Gardner and I am the CEO of GreenGeeks is the world’s most eco-friendly web site hosting company serving over 10,000 domain name and web site hosting clients world wide. GreenGeeks has been in business since 2006 and we have won numerous web site hosting industry awards since our inception.

What kind of hosting services does GreenGeeks  offer?

GreenGeeks offers shared and reseller hosting packages. We include cPanel for our shared web hosting clients along with the fantastico script library and for our Reseller clients we offer WHM and cPanel for the end users as well as Client Exec for free for our resellers billing.

How is GreenGeeks different than other hosting companies?

GreenGeeks is different in a number of ways. We are the most vocal advocates for turing the web site hosting industry green and encouraging others to follow our lead.

We also work with communities like the American Lung association promoting clean air, we work with the American Red Cross helping to fund recovery to Hatians. We are also a partner with the EPA through their Green Power Partner program.

Who are GreenGeeks’s target customers?

Our target customer base are small to mid sized businesses and individuals looking to have a reliable and stable web site hosting service. We also have a target market for resellers looking to work with a superior company to help them with their reseller hosting business.

What can we know more about GreenGeeks’s data centers?

GreenGeeks is colocated with the SingleHop data center in Chicago. This is a world class facility with raised floors, 24/7 security, climate control, fire supression systems, water detection systems as well as UPS & backup power generators.

We are SAS 70 Type 1 certified and also have Dual city power grid feeds, our connection is through Juniper and Cisco switches and routers.

Where do you see GreenGeeks  in 3 years time?

I see GreenGeeks as one of the top web site hosting providers in the world, if not at the very top. We may not have as many customers as some of those other low cost providers but we will have better service, features and uptime than any of our competitors.

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