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VPSNext Hosting
Address: 9700 Atlee Commons Drive Ashland, VA 23005
Website: http://www.vpsnext.com

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VPSNext Introduction

VPSNext is a privately-owned hosting company founded in year 2003. The web host is run by group of industry veterans and currently based in Richmond, Virginia.

Editor’s Review on VPSNext Hosting

VPSNext is all about (well?) VPS hosting. The company offers several different types of VPS hosting; namely cPanel VPS, Plesk VPS, and No Control Panel VPS. The prices are the same for cPanel and Plesk plans; while the ‘No Control Panel VPS’ is slightly cheaper. Below are our observations and comments about VPSNext.

Advantages of VPSNext hosting service What’s good about VPSNext?

  • Extremely reliable VPS hosting – VPS guarantees 99.9% server uptime plus the web host network is protected by custom firewall, DDoS protection, RAID 10 array, daily backup policy… VPSNext is in fact one of the safest VPS hosting providers.
  • Cost efficient – VPSNext hosting services are always slighly cheaper than the other web host’s similar plans.
  • Reselling your hosting capacity – VPSNext allows users to run on own private name servers, rebrand and reell their hosting resources.
  • Great after sales services – Efficient 24/7 customer support via toll free phone, live chat, and ticketing system.
  • Flexible in term of choices of control panel systems – Choose Plesk, WHM, cPanel, or install your own choice of control panel.
  • Attractive bonus features – Free merchant accounts, free eNom Domain Reseller Account,a nd free $50-$100 Google Adwords credit.

Disadvantages of VPSNext hosting service What’s bad about VPSNext?

  • Not popular – Compare VPSNext to other VPS hosting providers like Hostgator and InMotion, VPSNext is rather unpopular (however this doesn’t affect their service quality).
  • Lack of features – Users who are looking for higher server specs might get disappointed – the max you can go (at time of writing) with VPSNext is 100 GB storage, 16 CPU cores with 2 GB RAM.
  • Lack of other hosting options – VPSNext does not offer shared or dedicated hosting at this time of writting.

Recent VPSNext User Reviews

Note: These user reviews were quoted directly from VPSNext’ website. In case you are an exisiting users, please leave your feedbacks and comments in our ‘VPSNext User Reviews‘ section.

"I have been with them for approximately a year now, and have not run into any sort of issues. I don’t have to use their support because their stuff actually works! So far, 400 days uptime that I’ve clocked (only cause they had to upgrade some cage, otherwise, I think it would be even more!). I definitely recommend them to anyone that I know that needs VPS hosting." — Craig Betts, NY.

"I can’t say enough good things about VPSNext. Stable servers with great uptime and with their higher end packages, you can even get 4 IP addresses! I’ve been with oh… like 10 different VPS providers and have had all the fun you can have; slow servers, bad support, downtime, but VPSNext has shown me that there are good hosts out there! " — Brandon Swartz, OH.

"I run an IP Board community about the gamming industry, and VPSNext helped me move over my cPanel account from my old host, and did all the work for me. I have absolutely no idea on how to move a site and they did it effortlessly! Great company! I would say my forum is pretty busy, we have about 60 – 80 users posting online at the same time, and its very fast compared to my old VPS host, and the price is about the same too!" — Todd Kile, FL.

"My friend and I decided to get into a VPS (we where outgrowing our old shared account), so we decided to try out VPSNext. The service is great! It loads much faster then my previous host, and about the same price too. When I had problems setting up the DNS servers, we just read the forums and KB, and boom, we where done…love the service to bits." — Gabriel Song, WA.

"They made my VPS dreams come true. Fast servers, great uptime, and awesome support!" — Ryan Dixon, CA.

Is VPSNext Hosting Recommended?

Yes, we do recommend VPSNext – especially if you are looking for an affordable VPS hosting service.

More details, visit VPSNext online: http://www.vpsnext.com

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