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SiteCloud Hosting
Address: 3435 Ocean Drive, Bldg 107-331 S. Monica, CA.

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SiteCloud Introduction

Based in Santa Monica California, SiteCloud is recently founded by Trey Gardner. The company offers various hosting solutions including shared, VPS, as well as reseller hosting. SiteCloud is one of the early adapters that offers cloud hosting services in cPanel/WHM – All websites hosted on SiteCloud are backed by Amazon’s cloud technology (EC2 Elastic Cloud) SingleHop’s cloud services.

Caution: This SiteCloud review is no longer valid as the hosting company no longer provide cloud-base shared web hosting services starting April 08, 2011. Shoppers who visit SiteCloud from now onwards will be directed to the company’s sister company, GreenGeeks (which is a great shared hosting by the way) instead.

For other alternatives, we also recommend iPage, FatCow, and JustHost

Editor’s Review on SiteCloud Hosting

By operating on cloud computing technology, SiteCloud has some unique advantages that other web hosts cannot give. Here are what our editors think about SiteCloud hosting services.

SiteCloud Positive Reviews What’s good about SiteCloud?

  • Amazon – Yes, having its service backed by Amazon’s cloud computing technology is a huge advantage. Websites hosted on SiteCloud are now supported with load-balanced clustered architecture on top of Amazon EC2 Elastic Cloud; in other words, this mean reliable network. SiteCloud is now powered by another cloud host provider – SingleHop, which we think it’s as good as Amazon.
  • Scalability – All SiteCloud hosting accounts are scaled automatically. Users will never get suspended for "Excessive Resource Usage" again thus all sites hosted are Digg, Slashdot, Delicious, FaceBook, Reddit, or StumbleUpon ready.
  • Compute-cycles based hosting plans – In our opinion, compute-cycles based hosting plan makes much better sense. All SiteCloud shared hosting users are charged based on server resources consumed and guaranteed with different compute cycles (based on the package subscribed).
  • cPanel/WHM cloud hosting – Take advantage of the cloud without the cloud-related technical knowledge.
  • Protective backup policy – All SiteCloud websites are backup nightly.
  • 24/7/365 North American Support – 24/7/365 access to technical support via phone, e-mail) and live chat.
  • Eco-friendly hosting – SiteCloud hosting services are 100% carbon neutral, wind powered, certified REC’s.

SiteCloud Negative Review What’s bad about SiteCloud?

  • Unproven – The biggest problem with SiteCloud is that the idea (of merging cloud computing into conventional shared hosting services) is never tested. SiteCloud users are testing with something brand new thus there might be unforeseeable risks.
  • Not ‘real’ cloud hosting – What SiteCloud does is actually renting computing powers from Amazon and re-renting it to end users. Although there are tons of value-added services (for example, implementing cPanel/WHM and monitoring the networks), SiteCloud is not a ‘real’ cloud hosting provider. For those who wish to host directly on cloud, SiteCloud might not be the ideal choice.

A little more on compute cycles and cloud hosting

Inexperienced users might not be very clear with the concept behind cloud web hosting and compute cycles thus we would like to take this opportunity to explain things a little more.

How cloud hosting works actually?

In general, website hosted on cloud is backed by multiple connected servers, namely, the cloud. Instead of limiting itself to a single server, a cloud-based website now has the access to resources of multiple servers. The processing power of a cloud hosting is virtually endless as you can always add another new server to the network (scale up).

What’s a compute cycle?

A Compute Cycle is a unit of measure for computing resources that are used on the cloud. By SiteCloud’s definition, compute cycles in the SiteCloud environment are measured based on CPU usage, disk I/O, RAM and database activity. Note that the term ‘compute cycles’ is not widely used by others. The main reason why compute cycle is tracked is because SiteCloud uses the figure as a reference to manage its server resources.

Is SiteCloud Hosting Recommended?

Yes, although the company is relative new, we think you should give SiteCloud a try.

The best thing about SiteCloud is its scalability. The cloud technology allows the web host to manage and increase available system resources automatically. This sets SiteCloud apart from other traditional hosting providers who are confined to the physical limitations of a server. With traditional hosting providers, your hosting account has a strict limit on server resources (for example, a 10% of the CPU for 60 seconds), at which point the hosting providers will consider you as a violator of the Terms of Service and suspend you account. This does not happen at SiteCloud as it is able to add additional resources automatically to deal with traffic and high loads. This means SiteCloud customers sites will not be suspended for excessive server resources usages.

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