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PowWeb Introduction

PowWeb had been providing low-cost hosting services since 1998. PowWeb claims themselves as one of the few web hosting companies that stands on our own two feet as the hosting company develops its own custom hosting software and automation scripts. Its entire infrastructure was built and developed (and currently opperate) by in-house web programmers. PowWeb offers just one simple shared hosting plan – they named it "One Plan" packages. The shared hosting plan comes with unlimited hosting capacity and a special hosting features including their "Load Balanced Technology".

Editor’s Review on PowWeb Hosting

Just like other web hosting companies, PowWeb has its own positive and negative points. Here is what we think about the web host.

What’s good about PowWeb?

  • Affordable web hosting service without long commitement period – $4.88/mo price tag is available for those who take up 2 year or 1 year plan.
  • Reliable hosting with good uptime record – PowWeb gets a 99.6% server uptime, which is very good for hosting at this price range.
  • Free marketing credits – $50 Google Adwords credits and $25 Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits once signed up.
  • PowWeb provides advance load balancing feature to all users – Theoretically, PowWeb customers will experience virtually no downtime during server reboots, server maintenance and server hardware failure. 

What’s bad about PowWeb?

  • Slow customer supports – PowWeb deal is a pretty good bargain but they receive quite some complaints on slow and unfriendly customer supports.
  • Hosting choice is limited – PowWeb customers who wish to upgrade their current shared hosting plan to dedicated hosting will need to switch hosting.

Demand Over PowWeb (Traffics Review)

As you can see PowWeb used to be a popular web host but things are going south in recent years for the web host.

PowWeb Uptime Review

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PowWeb’s servers is doing a great job for us. From our observation, the web host is averaging 99.8% server uptime; which, in our opinion, is excellent for hosting service in this price range (PowWeb charge $4.88/mo).

For your reference, figure (source) on right side indicates PowWeb’s server uptime statistic for the past 7 days.

Is PowWeb Hosting Recommended?

Strong uptime record, affordable price, addtional protection features – PowWeb is without doubt doing more than okay. But as mentioned earlier, PowWeb customer supports have a pretty bad reputation thus we do not recommend newbies (who are more likely to contact the supports) to go with PowWeb hosting. We do believe, however, PowWeb is the right choice for experienced webmasters who are searching for some cheap hosting.

More details, visit PowWeb online: http://www.powweb.com

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