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PacificHost Hosting
Address: 9245 Laguna Springs Dr Suite 200 Elk Grove, CA

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PacificHost Introduction

PacificHost got a new owner (Thomas Perry) in year 2009 and the hosting company is now expanding their business aggressively. Unlike many other well-known web host, PacificHost do not practice overselling thus the hosting features are quite different from the ‘usuals’. At this time of writing, PacificHost co-locates its web servers with the Gigenet datacenter in downtown Chicago, IL.

Editor’s Review on PacificHost Hosting

PacificHost offers a wide range of services in (many) different hosting plans. There are 7 pre-set shared hosting plans; 4 pre-set plans for reseller hosting, 3 pre-set plans for VPS hosting; and if this hasn’t confuse you yet, the web host also offers another 4 pre-set plans to customers who are looking for dedicated web host. In this editor’s review, our main focus will be on its Premium Hosting Plans. Please let us know if you wish us to extend our evaluation on its other hosting plans.

PacificHost Reviews - Pros of Pacific Host What’s good about PacificHost?

  • No overselling web host – PacificHost imposes strict policies against overselling. CPU power is guaranteed for all Premium Hosting Plans users (10%, 15%, and 20% CPU power for Business, Professional, and Enterprise Plans).
  • Unlimited addon domain and MySQL databases – Such offer is a huge plus for webmasters who wish to host multiple websites in one account.
  • Comprehensive customer supports – 24/7 customer support via toll-free phone, live chat, email, and user-based forum.
  • Support website speed loading – PacificHost supports eAccelerator, a free open-source PHP optimizerthat increases the performance of PHP scripts by caching them in their compiled state.
  • Provide different level of hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting) – PacificHost users can expand their websites without worrying on hosting upgrades.
  • Business hosting ready – Besides standard shopping cart software, dedicated IP and SSL certificates are available at reasonable prices.

PacificHost Reviews - Cons of Pacific Host What’s bad about PacificHost?

  • Lack of tracked record – PacificHost is a pretty new name in hosting industry and the company just got a new owner not long ago. This might be a turn-off for users who are looking for a web host with long term history.
  • Expensive – There is a price behind the "No Overselling" policy. The cheapest Premium Hosting Plan cost $15.95/mo for a 2-year signup.

Demand Over PacificHost (Traffics Review)

Review and Visit PacificHost Hosting

There is too little search volume on PacificHost thus we cannot analzye its demand trends via Gogole Insights. However when checked on Alexa, the website ( seems expanding pretty well – pageviews volume for the last three months grew more than 190%.

Recent PacificHost Customer Reviews

PacificHost collects user reviews via a third-party platform (RatePoint) and these are some of the recent reviews we got. In case you are the PacificHost’s exisiting users, feel free to tell us what you think about the web host.

"Pacific Host by far the best hosting out there today. Support & feedback times are beyond incredible. Whenever I am stuck with a problem, the staff are immediately there to help even though its non host issues. I highly recommend Pacific Host to anyone looking for terrific hosting & amazing support time!" – Vinsim @ Mac 22, 2010.

"When it comes to web hosting, Pacifichost is clearly ahead of the pack. I should know, I have been changing hosting companies, one after the other, for well over a year. Trying to find just one, who deliver what they promise. Excellent customer support, knowledgeable tech support and their investment in maintaining and keeping their system hardware updated, have made PacificHost one excellent hosting company. The speed of their server is very fast. One feature I offer on my website is streaming videos. I checked some of the major companies that stream videos to compare things such as buffering, the speed of PacficHost server is far superior to most of them. This is one company I can honestly say, its great to be doing business with." – Lloyd @ Jan 31, 2010.

Is PacificHost Hosting Recommended?

PacificHost is a very special hosting company. We do not stand against the overselling practice in hosting industry (in fact such practive actually helps webmasters to save more most of the time); but we are very attracted to its no-overselling policy.

In short, PacificHost is mainly recommended to business website owners. We don’t, however, think it is the right web host for those who are search for a budget web host.

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