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InMotion Hosting
Address: 4553 Glencoe Ave Suite 325 Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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InMotion Introduction

Inmotion Hosting has been offering business web hosting since year 2001. Based in Carlifonia and Virginia (customer support), the hosting company is best known with its reliable hosting services.

InMotion offers various web hosting and development services. Besides dedicated, VPS, and shared web hosting services; the company also helps develop, launch and maintain customer’s websites on contract basis. In our review, we will use InMotion Business Class Hosting Plan (the most popular package of InMotion) as reference.

Editor’s Review on InMotion Hosting

There are both pros and cons with InMotion Hosting but in overall, we think InMotion is outstanding. Here’s the summary of our InMotion Hosting review.

Positive Review on InMotion Hosting What’s good about InMotion Hosting?

  • Fast and extremely reliable hosting servers – InMotion’s server uptime is so far the best in our score sheet.
  • Extremely reliable – InMotion’s network is monitored 24/7 and its mail servers are protected with advance spam blocking.
  • Well recognized by industry authorities – InMotion’s Hosting is accredited by BBB Online certification and CNET; the web host scored a perfect 10/10 on CNET’s rating in year 2009.
  • Quality after sales support – 24/7 customer support via toll-free phone, live chat, email, and forum.
  • Long trial period – InMotion Hosting customers get up to 90 days of trial period..
  • Provide different level of hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated) – In other words, hosting upgrades can be done easily.
  • Server location – InMotion is the only web host in this price range that allows you to select your server location (Los Angeles, CA or Washington, DC).

Negative Review on InMotion Hosting What’s bad about InMotion Hosting?

  • Limited addon domain capacity – For instance you can only host 5 addon domains in PowerPlan.
  • Expensive – When compare with other similar hosting plans, InMotion’s price tag of $18.95/mo seems a little too high.
  • Not user-friendly – All newInMotion customers need to be verified via phone call upon signup thus instant activation is not possible with the host.

Demand Over InMotion Hosting (Traffics Review)

Despite its outstanding server and network facility, the search demand on InMotion Hosting is surprisingly low when compare with other web hosts. Majority of the searches are coming from United States and we see little interest over InMotion in other regions. We believe the pricing and the phone-activation requirement are two main reasons why InMotion is not-so-popular .

InMotion Hosting Uptime Review

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We have no complaint on InMotion servers and network reliability at all. Our current tracked hosting servers are averaging more than 99.9% uptime and it is the best in our score sheet.

Please refer to figure (source) on your right for InMotion uptime statistic for the past 7 days.

Is InMotion Hosting Recommended?

InMotion is highly recommended if you are looking for supreme quality web hosting services and do not mind to pay more. On the other hand, if you are searching web host for individual websites or blog and have limited budget then InMotion is not the best hosting for you.

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