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HostMonster Hosting
Address: 1958 South 950 East Provo, UT 84606.

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HostMonster Introduction

HostMonster is managed by a group of hosting experts that have been providing hosting solutions since year 1996. The company is managed by the same mangement as Bluehost thus we are not surprise to see that Hostmonster’s deal is more or less the same with Bluehost. At this time of writing, Hostmonster offers only one hosting plan, which is its shared hosting plan.

There are both good and bad about Hostmonster hosting service. In overall, we think Hostmonster hosting is doing okay and rated them above average.

Editor’s Review on HostMonster Hosting

Listed below are the pros and cons about Hostmonster hosting according to our months of observation.

Hostmonster Reviews - Whats good about Hostmonster Hosting? What’s good about HostMonster?

  • Same hosting plan but a little cheaper than BlueHost – Hostmonster cost $5.95/mo, which is $1/mo cheaper for the same hosting features at Bluehost.
  • Unlimited hosting capacity – HostMonster offers unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, and addon domain names; this allows users to host all websites in one account.
  • Simple and direct hosting plan – HostMonster’s user friendly website and smooth ordering process are big time savers for many first-timers.
  • 24/7 customer supports – After sales service available via 24/7 live chat, phone call, email support, and user-based forum.
  • Support Simple Scripts – Not many web host supports Simple Script, this makes HostMonster a rare gem in this perceptive.
  • Reliable hosting servers – HostMonster guarantees 99.9% uptime and promise to refund your money anytime you want to cancel your hosting account.
  • Attractive marketing bonuses – $25 Yahoo! ad credits and $50 Google ad credits.

Hostmonster Reviews - Whats bad about Hostmonster Hosting? What’s bad about HostMonster?

  • Limited MySQL databases – only 100 databases is allowed at HostMonster.
  • Over-alert in scam protection – Hostmonster customer department received a lot complaints and we noticed that their Abuse Department is suspending customer’s accounts frequently without good explanations. We believe this is a major issue for the company and should be improved at the soonest.
  • Problems with CPU throttle – the CPU throttle features is a double-edges sword. Some users find it provides better protection from bad hosting neighbours; while some complain that HostMonster is being unfair and throttling too much of its CPU power.

Demand Over HostMonster (Traffics Review)

HostMonster is pretty average in term of popularity. The web host is doing slightly better than another two other similar web hosts (JustHost and FatCow) but is fairly below BlueHost and Hostgator.

Hostmonster Uptime Review

Hostmonster hosting uptime

We host website at HostMonster and track the website server uptime constantly. As from our observation, Hostmonster hosting has a remarkable server uptime record where they hit more than 99.8% server uptime all year long. We think such performance is very good for a web host in this price range and thus, recommend them to anyone who are searching for a budget web host.

For your reference, figure (source) on right side shows HostMonster hosting uptime statistic for the past 7 days.

Is HostMonster Hosting Recommended?

Hostmonster servers uptime record is respectable but there are just too many complaints on their customer support and CPU throttling features recently. We think HostMonster is worth trying but we do not strongly recommend this web host.

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