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GreenGeeks Hosting
Address: 1158 26th St #446 Santa Monica CA 90403

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GreenGeeks Introduction

GreenGeeks, California-based company, provides 300% green web hosting services. The company is currently managed by its founder Trey Gardner, who has more than 10 years experience in hosting industry.

Editor’s Review on GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks focuses on one simple hosting plan, namely the EcoSite Plan (a shared hosting plan). Here’s what we think about the EcoSite Plan after months of testing.

Advantages of GreenGeeks hosting service What’s good about GreenGeeks?

  • Extremely reliable and fast server – Websites hosted on GreenGeeks are supported with Intel Dual Quad Core servers with RAID-10 array technology. Our test website shows virtually no sign of down time for months; further more, GreenGeeks provides 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Unlimited hosting capacity at an affordable price – Host all your websites and blogs in one GreenGeeks account, for just $2.95/mo*.
  • The ‘greenest’ web host online – GreenGeeks is 300% wind-powered web hosting. The energy used to power our servers and offices is replaced 3 times, making GreenGeeks a carbon-reducing web host.
  • User friendly – Smooth ordering process allow GreenGeeks customers to get started almost instantly.
  • Best Drupal Hosting – GreenGeeks is recently choosen as the Official Drupal for Dummies Web Hosting Provider!
  • Overnight backup policy – All GreenGeeks servers are backup daily.

Disadvantages of GreenGeeks hosting service What’s bad about GreenGeeks?

  • New – GreenGeeks started business in year 2008 and has a pretty short history in the hosting industry.
  • Lack of hosting options – GreenGeeks does not offer VPS or dedicated hosting. In other words, GreenGeeks users will need to switch host if they wish to upgrade their web host.

*Note: GreenGeeks original price is $4.95/mo for 3 years subscription. Use promo code ‘TWHR‘ when you visit GreenGeeks ( and get a one-time $25 discount on your hosting bill.

Demand Over GreenGeeks (Traffics Review)

It’s almost meaningless to research GreenGeeks on Google Insights. There are very, very little searches on GreenGeeks at this time of writing. Comparing the search demands on GreenGeeks with other green hosting companies, you can see that the company is trailing far behind iPage, FatCow, and HostPapa.

GreenGeeks Coupon (Discount $25): TWHR

GreenGeeks promotion code: ‘TWHR‘. Use this and get a one-time $25 discount on your hosting bill.

Is GreenGeeks Recommended?

300% green hosting? It’s ‘unethical’ to not recommend GreenGeeks. 🙂

Okay seriously, yes we think GreenGeeks is a go. GreenGeeks is not the cheapest green hosting; but given the fact that the web host is buying back 3x of the power consumed, it is definitely the ‘Green-est’ web host ever! In case you need a reliable web hosting and wish to reduce your personal carbon footprint in the same time, GreenGeeks seems like a pretty decent choice. What you can do is to make use of our special coupon code (‘TWHR‘) and deduct $25 from the first year hosting bill.

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