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FatCow Introduction

FatCow was established in year 1998 and has been offering web hosting services for more than 10 years. Today, the hosting company is a well-recognized brand name in shared hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals. Unlike most other web hosts, FatCow offers only one simple hosting plan – the trademarked Original FatCow Plan, where customers get unlimited hosting at a very low price.

Editor’s Review on FatCow Hosting

Just like every other web hosting services, there are both advantages and disadvantages in FatCow hosting services. In overall, we think FatCow hosting is a great web host and strongly recommend FatCow to those who are looking for cheap web hosting solutions. Listed below are the pros and cons of FatCow hosting.

Plus points about FatCow Hosting What’s good about FatCow?

  • Cheap – FatCow cost less than $5 per month ($4.67/mo to be exact) under our special promotion scheme.
  • Unlimited hosting capacity – Host all your websites and blogs in one hosting account.
  • Eco-friendly – FatCow hosting is 100% powered by renewable energy.
  • Reliable servers and fast connections – FatCow’s server uptime is among the best in our record plus the company’s network is backed by multi-Gigabit connections for maximum data transfer reliability.
  • Topnotch customer supports – FatCow’s after sales services is backed by HeiferCratic Oath, where the company pledge to answer phone calls in 2 minutes and resolve issues on first contact.
  • User Friendly – FatCow’s hosting plan is simple and direct; moreover, its smooth ordering process allows customers to get started right after payment.
  • Valuable addon features – FatCow’s control panel is integrated with Google Webmaster Tools and Custom Search.

Minus points of FatCow hosting What’s bad about FatCow?

  • Does not provide different level of hosting services – Customers who wish to upgrade to semi-dedicated or dedicated hosting will need to switch to a new host.

Demand Over FatCow (Traffics Review)

FatCow Traffics Review

Although FatCow’s customer base took a huge leap in year 2009 (more than 29% in Q1 2009), there is still a long way to go for the hosting company to compete head-to-head with other big names. From the graph you can see clearly that search demand on FatCow is far below from other popular companies like HostGator and BlueHost.

Ref: Google Insights Search on FatCow, BlueHost, HostGator, HostMonster & Lunarpages.

Recent FatCow User Review

Below are some useful customer feedbacks on FatCow hosting services.

"I’m attracted to FatCow’s deal of unlimited hosting and the price is certainly reasonable. I had expected a budget plan where customer service was minimal which would have been fine by me because all I needed was really solid server performance where I didn’t have to bother about downtime and the like. What I received though was top-notch customer support to match the hosting service….there’s been follow-up actions to all my queries and I’m hugely impressed by the attention they give their customers." – JiaHui (www.team-uni.com).

"I am writing to tell you guys how satisfied I have been as a customer. Your customer service – especially technical support – is remarkably useful and friendly. Please keep up the good work and I’ll keep spreading the word!" – Tearsa (www.terukoproductions.com).

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service. The difference is night and day compared to my last provider. I have four times the amount of space, ninety seven more email boxes, faster load times, no down time and all for less than what I was paying before. Ohhh and the Control Panel is an awesome extra. Keep up the good work guys." – John (www.webdebris.com).

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FatCow Uptime Review

FatCow hosting uptime

We host website on FatCow and track its server uptime constantly. As from what we observed, FatCow hosting has a remarkable server uptime record where the low cost hosting is averaging more than 99.7% server uptime all year long. We think such server performance is remarkable and we recommend them to anyone who are searching for a budget web host.

For reference, the dynamic image (source) on the right indicates our FatCow site’s uptime for the past 7 days.

Special FatCow Discount

If you have decided on FatCow hosting then you must not miss our special discount. Order FatCow hosting via our promo link and you’ll get up to 50% hosting fees discount for up to 12 months!

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Is FatCow Hosting Recommended?

Yes, FatCow hosting is recommended for those who are looking for cheap web hosting. FatCow has a long trackable history (more than a decade!) and we are strongly convinced that they are one of the best budget web hosts around. However, due to constraints of its business nature (limited hosting choices), we do not recommend FatCow for large business website.

For more details, please visit FatCow online: http://www.fatcow.com

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