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EasyCGI Hosting
Address: P.O. Box 2998 Ann Arbor, MI 48106.
Website: http://www.EasyCGI.com

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EasyCGI Introduction

We believe not much people heard about EasyCGI. However, the company has been operating globally since 1998 and currently host more than 20,000 accounts. The data center and network operations center is located in Peal River, New York. What’s special about EasyCGI is that the hosting company focuses its business in Windows hosting.

Editor’s Review on EasyCGI Hosting

Here’s our edtior’s comment about EasyCGI based on our recent studies.

EasyCGI Positive Reviews What’s good about EasyCGI?

  • Affordable Windows Hosting – EasyCGI is one of the few web host that provides budget Windows hosting (if you are one of those who are searching for Windows hosting, you should understood how hard is it to find a reputable and affordable Windows hosting provider).
  • Extremely reliable – EasyCGI server uptime is tracked by third party system and it scores well above 99.9%. Further investigations show that the company directly peers with 7 of the largest Internet backbones: UUNET (Verizon/MCI), Sprint, Savvis, Verio, Global Crossing, InterNAP and NAC to ensure the reliability of the network.
  • Expandable – EasyCGI offers VPS and reseller hosting in Linux, users can grow their websites without worry of server upgrades.
  • Outstanding backup policy – According to the officials, EasyCGI’s backups on network storage make data recovery highly accessible; where even in a disaster recovery scenario, a server can be completely restored within two hours.
  • Get both Microsoft Access and MySQL Databases – On top of unlimited Microsoft Access databases, EasyCGI users get to create MySQL databases (50/100/unlimited for Advanced X/Advanced X2/Advanced X4 plans).
  • SSL Certificates with Extended Validation – EasyCGI supports SSL-EV certification at a very low price ($159/yr at this time of writing). This feature might not be a big deal to those who are hosting a simple blog/website but in case you are operating an e-commerce website, that little green address bar might improve your brand image and conversion rate a lot.

EasyCGI Negative Review What’s bad about EasyCGI?

  • No Windows VPS and reseller hosting – Unfortunately, EasyCGI’s VPS and reseller hosting only comes in Linux (powered by vDeck).
  • Not a popular web host – EasyCGI isn’t known by many and this makes them a rather "less-popular" web host.

Detail EasyCGI Uptime Review

EasyCGI hosting uptime services

From the record at BestHostRatings (source), EasyCGI scores a stunning 99.917% uptime since year 2005; while according to our own tracking record (which is about two months time), EasyCGI is 100% up most of the time. This makes EasyCGI an extremely reliable web host in our book.

For your reference, figure on the right indicates EasyCGI’s server uptime for the past 7 days.

Useful EasyCGI User Reviews

While doing our research on EasyCGI, we found these informative reviews done by existing customers.

I am a very satisfied customer! "Your support is the best I have ever dealt with. I can easily get someone on the phone to answer my questions or problems, unlike other hosting companies where you have to wait 24 hours for an email response. Your services are very affordable and convenient to use. I have 4 websites hosted by you and am a very satisfied customer! Keep up the great work." – Debbie Gastelu @ www.TDSpeedShotz.com.

Prompt and reliable support! "Our company has been a customer for about ten years. We have always been impressed with the prompt and reliable support and have recommended EasyCGI enthusiastically to colleagues and clients. For us this high level of professional support has been a key ingredient in expanding our scope and solving problems as they arise." – Timothy Binkley @ www.SendaBlessing.com.

EasyCGI is extraordinary! "EasyCGI isn’t just your ordinary hosting company, they go above and beyond that. They give me the tools I need to manage my website easily. I’m a podcaster and with that I need a decent amount of space to run my community off of and EasyCGI has given me that space. Installing Community Server 2007 was a breeze, anytime I needed help with something I just picked up the phone and called. I had my new community up and running in no time at all." – Frank Romano @ www.TheMan661.com.

Is EasyCGI Recommended?

Yes, EasyCGI is highly recommended. In case you are looking for an affordable yet reliable Windows hosting, then EasyCGI is for you. However, we do not recommend EasyCGI if Windows hosting environment is not a must to you. There are other plenty of web hosts that provide similar features and reliability at a much lower price (you can check out iPage and SiteCloud).

In case you wish to learn more about EasyCGI , visit online: http://www.EasyCGI.com

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