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CoolHandle Introduction

CoolHandle Hosting was founded by a group of IT Professionals lead by Moniker in 2001 with a goal to introduce new standards in a fast changing world of web hosting. The company’s mission is to achieve your 100% satisfaction and has a great deal of experience in working on varied web hosting platforms including Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, Apache, etc. On January 2010, CoolHandle was acquired by and the merger was completed mid-February 2010.

Editor’s Review on CoolHandle Hosting

CoolHandle’s hosting services are available in both Windows and Linux platform. The web host offers a wide range of hosting solutions including shared, VPS, dedicated, as well as reseller hosting solutions at a reasonable price. For the ease of reference, our editor review section will focus mainly on its shared hosting services. (However we encourage CoolHandle users to provide us their comment about the company regardless on the hosting plans you are subscried to.)

CoolHandle’s shared hosting services are available in three different packages, namely Started, Business, and Pro. The main differences between these threes are the number of domains and databases allowed to be added in each account. Here’s what we think about CoolHandle shared hosting packages.

CoolHandle Positive Reviews What’s good about CoolHandle Shared Hosting?

  • Reliable And Responsive Servers – CoolHandle offers extremely fast and reliable web hosting servers (over 99.9% uptime). The web host’s data center is located in Los Angeles, California, in the same building used by the nation’s 12 largest Internet providers to connect to each other.
  • Free Domain For Life – Okay, free domain is not a big deal these days but still it’s great feature that save you money.
  • Great Room To Expand – Besides shared hosting, CoolHandle also offers VPS/dedicated/reseller web hosting services. This makes CoolHandle’s shared hosting the perfect ‘entry plan’ for webmasters who have big plans with their websites. Furthermore, it’s worth pointing out that CoolHandle has long, successive history in VPS/dedicated hosting business.
  • Eco-friendly Hosting Services – CoolHandle purchases 125% of our energy usage in renewable energy REC’s from all over the United States.
  • Great After-Sales Service – 24/7/365 customer service assistance, coupled with an industry-leading fully interactive help site.

CoolHandle Negative Review What’s bad about CoolHandle?

  • Pricey – $4.95/mo for 5 addon domains, 5 databases, and 5 mailboxes; it’s pretty obvious that CoolHandle is not for webmasters who are looking for some bargains.

CoolHandle Web Traffics Review

CoolHandle is not as popular as many other big brands in the industry. Comparing its traffics with a few other new web hosts at Google Insights, you can see that the company is not doing too well.

Is CoolHandle Hosting Recommended?

Our ratings say CoolHandle is highly recommended. However, there is a condition for this recommendation – CoolHandle is only recommended for webmasters who will be only using shared hosting services for short term (not more than two years). CoolHandle offers great VPS and dedicated hosting services (One of the Top VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Providers) thus if you plan to move into VPS or dedicated hosting platform for the next two years then yes, CoolHandle is highly recommended. Otherwise, we see no reason why you should be paying extra for the same services you can get elsewhere.

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