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Fundamental Guides On WebHost Manager (WHM)

WHM stands for WebHost Manager. It’s a tool similar to cpanel that is used by server admins and offered on reseller and dedicated hosting packages. You can access WHM just like your cpanel, in fact you use the same login details as your cpanel to access the WHM panel. You will find it’s located at WHM allows the server admin to make changes to domains they are… (Continue Reading).

How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Via Facebook Fan Page

The trick to drive traffic to your site via Facebook is by making sure that you have the best fan page. So let us begin with knowing what we need to do to have the right fan page on Facebook for your traffic. Create a Fan Page To begin with, if you do not already have a Facebook account, signup and get one now. All you need to… (Continue Reading).

CMS Guide: WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

Be honest. What are the top three things that come to mind when you think CMS? It’s Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. I know. Whenever someone comes to me and asks me for advice on the best CMS, I always have these three in mind. Then I leave it to them to pick one among them. It’s hard for me to make a choice because these three are all… (Continue Reading).

Should You Register Your Domain Name Privately?

Most people registering their domain name find it hard to decide which option to select, private or public. Preferably, private registration is better than public registration. Why Not Public Registration? When people register for a domain name it is compulsory for them to share very personal details like; Name, Surname, Home address, Office Address, Phone numbers, Occupations, Signature, Credit Card details and even family member (spouse, heirs, and… (Continue Reading).

The Principles of Good E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce is also known as e-comm, e-commerce or ecommerce, and simply is the process of buying and selling products or services over electronic systems. The internet is the reason for advancement of e-commerce being a widespread source of information and access. With the coming of internet other systems have been developed which have improved ecommerce, these include; Internet marketing, Automated data collection systems, Inventory management systems, Electronic data… (Continue Reading).

Beginner Guides for OSCommerce Shopping Cart

Using OSCommerce shopping cart on a shared web host is very easy to use and understand by simply following the instructions below: Begin Installation Process Contact Technical Support and get your MySQL database enabled. Give them your account’s information. Begin the installation of OSCommerce by following the installation prompts. Click the link for the setup or visit their website. The Shopping Cart Installation Process Select New Install option. Tick… (Continue Reading).

Beginner Guides for Zen Shopping Cart

There are simple approaches to begin using the ZenCart in any shared web hosting. ZenCart Installation Using the Fantasico Autoinstaller, install the ZenCart using Fantasico Autoinstaller. Simply follow the prompts. After installation log into Fantastico, and click on the ZenCart link to proceed with the installation. Select the folder where you want to install the ZenCart or leave the directory box as it is. Enter the administrator details… (Continue Reading).

The Basic Of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is now the buzzword in the world of computing and Web site publishing. Yet, even with its popularity there is no universal definition of Cloud Hosting. We will not attempt to define it or promote a universal meaning for it. But we will attempt to explain this new IT paradigm by presenting to you its features. Cloud Host: Shared Resources and Costs Imagine a cloud up… (Continue Reading).

Twitter Guides for Beginners

There are lots of people, who seem to be affected by the twitter bug off late, but not many people have been using it consistently and effectively enough, and one of the major reasons for this is simple ignorance. Twitter can really be very useful for businesses as well as personal use if one knows how to use it effectively. This short guide aims at showing the basics… (Continue Reading).

A Quick Run Down on WordPress Features

If you are not aware of WordPress, and have never heard the name in your life ever before and want to know something about it, then do not worry as you have come to the right place. Go through the rest of this write-up and you will by the end of it realize that WordPress is not completely alien topic anymore, you will have the basics. Introducing WordPress… (Continue Reading).