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35 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging is the most important aspect of creating awareness about a brand or business. Being a successful blogger is a tough thing but not impossible. To be a successful blogger, here are 35 tips for you to follow: Niche – That means your interest or topics (for example, web hosting 🙂 ) for discussions. Be sure of your interests and write about what you have a passion for…. (Continue Reading).

15 Tips To Build A Reader-Friendly Blog

There are thousands of bloggers working on some topic or the other at this moment. What most bloggers fail to realize is that they need to make their blogs reader-friendly. Unless a blogger ensures that the reader finds it to be understandable and worth reading, all efforts will be a complete waste of time. 15 InstantTips To Improve Blog Readership Easy on the Eyes – Make sure your… (Continue Reading).