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Web Host Switching: Tips, Hacks, And Resources In One Page

How to Transfer your website to a new web host without errors To change your host is not usually the best selection if you have a choice. Usually unless you’re getting a bad deal or bad service I would recommend sticking with the one you’re with as there is no guarantee the next is going to be much better. If you are going to make a change, it… (Continue Reading).

Is Your Web Host Damaging Your Search Engine Rankings?

Despite the numerous reminders and warnings shared by many experienced webmasters, we can easily find that most web-users is genuinely drawn to a web hosting plan or services because of its competitive price or the features that they have offered through their plan. There is none, or very less web-users who have prioritized their criteria in selecting their web hosting provider by considering how well they come to… (Continue Reading).

Must Know Web Hosting Terms

Have you ever found yourself struggling with an unfamiliar language which you wish to get your hands around it to understand more when you are in your usual shopping scheme for web hosting? I bet that almost every one of us who are into the web hosting service hunting before have had this kind of experience. There are literally tons of web hosting providers in the internet today… (Continue Reading).

Things to do before leaving your web host

I can comprehend the reluctance and phobia from most people when they have to migrate from their existing web hosting provider to a new one. Some of them even hold on to their existing web hosting company for many more years even they are well aware that they can easily get a better web host anytime. However, if your existing web host is not offering their best service… (Continue Reading).

Compare Hosting Control Panel: cPanel vs. vDeck

One of the most critical factor in ensuring a stable and smooth web hosting service lies in the type of control panel used. Today, cPanel is probably the most widely used control panel because of its simple user interface which is easy to learn and operate, furthermore it has been well established for some considerable years now. vDeck is fairly new in the market, which is why many… (Continue Reading).

What’s good about Linux hosting?

Nowadays, more and more users have turned to Linux web hosting instead of sticking with the conventional windows web hosting. This shift is pretty obvious these recent years. Probably the main reason that drives private users to adopt for Linux solution is the user-friendliness of the dedicated web hosting service which makes it so easy to operate and manage. Now let us talk about some of the key… (Continue Reading).

Introducing vDeck Control Panel

One of the essential factors for running one’s website effectively is the control panel. A great control panel is capable to tackle and manage complex tasks without any difficulty with its powerful functionalities and features. A great control panel will need to be equipped with great functionalities but yet simple to be used by any of its users. One fairly new web hosting control panel which has been… (Continue Reading).

Types of Linux Web Hosting

What is Linux Web hosting?  Linux web hosting allows a company to build their websites on the Linux operating system based on the best and most popular open source technology such as PHP, XML, MySQL and many others.  Today Linux had emerged to be one of the best platform to be used in web hosting apart from windows and Mac OSX system. It consists of many properties which… (Continue Reading).

Brief introduction on e-mail hosting

Email is a vital way of communication among intra-companies or inter-companies today. Email can be send, replied or received into one’s inbox anytime of the day. Employees today utilize Emails as a way to communicate about their projects, production issues, material shortages, system bugs, or any other necessary information that need to get to the email recipients as efficient as possible. There are many features which an Email… (Continue Reading).

10 security tips for PHP newbies

PHP is a powerful programming language for dynamic websites. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, it is a widely used scripting language especially for web development. Although there is a wide array of key advantages of PHP as a programming language, there are many significant disadvantages of it at the same time. Append below are some of the useful security tips for PHP developers to adhere to: 1. PHP… (Continue Reading).