The Hidden Cost of Cheap Web Hosting

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Every one of us loves to get what we desire at a reduce price so that we can save up the money for other usage. The same applies when it comes for shopping of web hosting plan. Cheap web hosting is very tempting for web-users who generate only small profits from their online business as this is the only hosting plan where they can afford to have where they can setup and maintain their daily online operating activities continuously over the long run.

However, take note that you get what you pay, the low price tag of any particular web hosting plan might be due to its poor quality services, limitation in resources and features or poor performance due to aging server and hardware. Regardless of the drivers for these cheap web hosting plans, it is vital for us to be very cautious in checking out the detailed plan thoroughly before signing up for the plan.

As stated above, there are multiple reasons as of why some companies are offering their web hosting services at a cheaper price, let us go through the list together to understand what are the hidden costs of cheap hosting.

The cheap web hosting companies may be still running on their obsolete or aging hardware, which largely impacting their website performance. This may result in long server response time, slow traffic with long waiting time, significant webpage loading time and many more. All these bad experiences will drive your online visitors away from your site, by turning to other websites for better performance, higher allocation of resources, higher reliability and greater level of customer support.

One of the worst night-mare of cheap web hosting is excessive downtime. Server downtime here refers to operational downtime. Some of the most common causes of this downtime are due to the lack of high technology hardware and tools for your website used, over-stressing of server capacity and shortage of website infrastructure to support your business operation. During downtime, there are zero trading activities at your website, the impact is zero sales and zero revenue which would miserably impact your business if this is happening frequently.

With a cheap web hosting plan, you get to share the same server and resources with other users through the shared server plan. This is the cheapest way of utilizing the resources of the server as all the expenses are split out among their existing web-users. It is not feasible for them to offer their customers with dedicated server plan as it is too expensive. One of the limitations of shared server plan is that you have to share the server with others whom you have totally no idea of their identity. If you happen to share the same server with a spammer or a hacker, the chances is that you may find your entire IP address and website being banned by the Search engine one fine day due to some illegal spamming activities carried out by one of your neighbours.

In a nutshell, not all cheap web hosting services are of poor quality and low performance. With the increased competitiveness in this industry, companies are looking at multiple strategies to sustain and expand their customer base. One of the most important strategies is to offer their hosting plan with great performance and quality services at low cost. Thus it is unfair to conclude that all cheap web hosting plan is of poor quality and should be avoided. However, one really need to conduct extensive research to find one which is good.


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  1. Peter Smith says:

    I was absolutely appalled at the poor service and rude attitude of Your247host. I have been with them for 3 months and I have nothing to recommend about them. The hosting is slow, uptime is poor and the customer service is non existent. I was unlucky enough to get a ‘support’ email from some person called Ubaid. Very rude person.

    I would avoid this rip-off company. The are the original cowboy operators.

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