Should You Get Co-location Web Hosting?

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Co-location web hosting is one of the most costly types of web hosting service in the industry today. The majority of their customers are from large enterprises and corporations which require mas sive server needs to run their global operations around the clock. The high cost of this web hosting is largely contributed by the expensive servers which are capable to support the high technological modern features and latest software for their customers, such as high bandwidth, large disk space, high speed, extensive security features and many more.

Come now, let us explore what are some of the inevitable cost which are required to support this type of web hosting.

1. Co-location setup cost

For collocation web hosting, the owner will need to bear the collocation setup cost as for this type of web hosting, the customer is the one who owned the server. Here the collocation setup cost will include the data centre storage cost, server maintenance cost, server administrative cost, technical support cost and many more. The higher the complexity of your server, the higher its setup, maintenance and trouble-shooting cost will likely to be. This is because this type of expertise is very scarce in the market, therefore one need to pay a high price for such support.

2. Co-location security

Co-location facilities, usually are data centers which have been specifically designed to store their customers’ web servers which are equipped with necessary facilities and controls to safe-guard the safety of these servers. Here are some of the common security precautions used

  • 24/7 tight surveillance of the facility with CCTV and alarms
  • Well furnished with fire –proof protection such as fire extinguisher and smoke detector at every corner of the facility
  • Preset the temperature of the facility and ensure their consistency at all time to maximize and protect the servers shelf life as much as possible
  • Well designed facility with excellent air ventilation flow to prevent dust from building up on these servers

3. Colocation support

High quality colocation support is available at high cost for those who need close administration of their web servers at any time of the day. There are professional organizations out there which are specialized in providing such supreme service and support with a cost. At all time, the web-masters on collocation web hosting are more than willing to pay for the expensive collocation support and services because of their critical business needs for huge server resources to sustain their rigorous business operations continuously to generate good potential sales for their company.

As collocation web hosting is very expensive and not something which most consumers will opt for except for those who have the excessive needs for huge server resources and high tech powerful server to support their key operation, most web hosting providers do not cover this type of web hosting. Therefore it is more difficult for us to find a good collocation web hosting provider because the supply is limited. Nevertheless, if we really need to find one, reaching out for those with good reputable in providing collocation web hosting is a wise choice.


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