How to pick a VPS Hosting

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A VPS ( Virtual private server ) will be the right type of hosting platform for those who are looking for a hosting server which is reliable and stable to support their growing and expanding business. VPS hosting is not only more stable, but it is also being allocated with a larger amount of resources such as the disk space, bandwidth, data speed for its clients as compared to a shared web hosting with limited resources.

Let us review what are the key elements when which we need to focus on when it comes to choosing the right VPS hosting provider.

1. Hard Disk space – this will largely depends on the purpose of the site that you are running. If you are a teacher whom often need to record and broadcasting short documentaries to your students, then you will need a lot of hard disk space. However, if the site is used for internal forum between a team of 10 personnel on anything related to career, then the hard disk required does not need to be a lot.

2. Control panel – there are many types of control panels available in the market today, citing some as examples here ; cPanel is the most well known control panel. cPanel is very user friendly and came with a lot of useful features. Anyway, cost is not the only criteria to consider when you choose your control panel, select the one which you are most familiar with and found ease to be using with.

3. Price – VPS is averagely affordable. One can easily get a VPS hosting service ranging from USD50 – USD100 per month. Furthermore there should not be any setup cost which you need to pay for when you are enrolling for your VPS hosting service.

4. Server Up-time – Don’t settle for any server with lesser than 99.5% up-time because with the wide varieties that you are entitled to select from, please take your time to carefully select the right hosting provider which are capable to offer for the best customer experience with great reliability and support. It is also important for us to seek for the online web hosting review forum where reviews and comments from users across the world are shared. With these reviews, you will have some good idea as of how each of these web hosts performed and how satisfied their customers were with their plan and offer.

5. Allocated memory – Don’t even consider for anything lesser than 512MB, because one will need to have adequate memory to enhance the performance of your server. The higher the RAM size your account is equipped with, the faster your site will be loaded with the necessary information and data and also processing jobs will be running faster with increased efficiency.

6. Security protection – Check out if there are any types of security control which are offered by the web host to protect the VPS server as well as the accounts of their clients. A reliable and highly committed web host offer 24 hours protection and support to their clients. Assigned technical engineers will be on shift duty around the clock to provide real time assistance to their clients should there are any unexpected downtime due to computer hackers attack or DDOS attack. With these on-going monitoring and protection in place, many a times, the down-time can be significantly reduced or eliminated all the way.

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