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Getting a right web host is vital for your online business because without a good web host for your web hosting needs, your business will definitely suffer with slow sales and decrease in profit. Otherwise, a good web host would do anything to help facilitate your business growth in many effective ways such as to provide their best available features for your website enhancement used, increase your bandwidth requirement whenever necessary and many more.

Here are some of the great tips which are highly recommended by experienced users in choosing your right web host. Let us spend some time to go through them in detail.

1. Shop around

Surf the internet and shop for your web host. Refer to the web hosting directories to hunt down some of the popular and highly discussed web hosts, check out the available options, specs, features on a web host plan which are available in the market and most importantly, also get a feel on the range of price of the multiple different types of web host packages in the industry so that you won’t get cheated easily by paying a lot more than what the average market is offering.

2. Visit web reviewer websites for advice

There are articles and reviews which are available to anyone free of charge at the web hosting review websites over the Internet where lots of advice, recommendations and experiences related to web hosting is shared by the existing web users or the ex-web users.

3. Identify your web hosting requirements precisely

Define the key objective of the website, what is it used for, is it to promote your new business or as a personal home page for your circle of friends. You may start by listing down all your requirements and rank each of their importance in descending order. Filter out unsuitable web hosting providers who are unable to support all your web hosting needs. At the end of the day, you will be left with a handful of short-listed web host which you might potentially sign up with.

4. Next, check out the customer support integrity and reliability

Personally visit their sites and check out the quality of the services offered by their customer support team. Through this way, we can potentially review and make aware on how professional they are in serving and supporting their potential customers. A good web hosting provider will make sure its customers are well attended 24/7 either through phone or live-chatting for issues escalations.

5. The server up-time guarantee

An established and well reliable web server should have an up-time of 99.7% or more in order to be competitive and survive in this tough industry today. Any server with frequent down-time is useless as it will only jeopardize incoming traffic and businesses. A great renowned web hosting provider will always ensure that it continuously find ways and methods to improve its server functional up time. Also investigate the occurrences of these unplanned server down-time for the last 12 months, and what are the turn-around time taken to resume the server in each incidents.

6. Check out how scalable are their services and software

If you are targeting to expand your online business, you need to get an experienced web hosting providers who has the ability adapting to changes fast and efficiently. At the same time, make sure the host is flexible to extend the necessary enhanced services to their clients in the shortest time frame. Also you should check out if you are allowed to upgrade your service plan at any one time without penalty from the web host.

7. Be cautious on the hidden cost

There are a lot of marketing strategies and tricks which swamp the internet today with each of the hosting company trying to attract as many customers as possible with attractive low priced package. Thus, it is very important to make sure we, as consumers are not blinded by the low priced package offered only, but to seek for detailed clarifications from the hosting companies for every single details that you possibly can think of ahead of time to avoid disappointment and to pay additionally in the future.

8. The level of flexibility

Check out if the web hosting provider is flexible in terms of their platform features, templates and probably languages as well. For one who is intended to expand his online website for wider commercial use, it is essential for him / her to look out for a host which is flexible in supporting for any additional needs from his customers. Although the price for such web hosting maybe a little steeper to start with, nevertheless it is pretty worth-while considering the benefits which you will obtain in the long run.

9. How about the control panel

Knowing what kind of control panel is provided is crucial because without an adequate control panel, you will find yourself helpless and seeking for mercy from the tech support even for some tiny changes. At the same time, seek for confirmation on some of the highly concerned questions of yours as far as control panel is concerned.

10. Lastly, equally important is to check out the history of the hosting company

Any hosting company with good business tracking record for at least 5 years in this industry with good customers’ feedback can be considered as an option for you. This is because these companies usually have excellent exposure to what the industry has and wanted more in. Exploring the background of these companies are beneficial so as to study the strength and weaknesses of such companies for your web hosting selection.


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