Should You Register Your Domain Name Privately?

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Domain Privacy

Most people registering their domain name find it hard to decide which option to select, private or public. Preferably, private registration is better than public registration.

Why Not Public Registration?

When people register for a domain name it is compulsory for them to share very personal details like; Name, Surname, Home address, Office Address, Phone numbers, Occupations, Signature, Credit Card details and even family member (spouse, heirs, and attorney sharers) information, and even details about business partners. This can be very dangerous when it gets in the wrong hands. There is no guarantee of complete privacy on the internet, and when registering for a domain, you are taking a risk. There are many domain registration companies out there but none can provide you with a 100% guarantee to privacy being in a public domain.

In publically registered domains, the main drawback is that all the information the domain owner entered while purchasing the domain will be available to everyone. Over the internet people can simply type in “who is …” and click search and then every detail about you will be on the display screen. They can access all these details at any time, as many times as they wish. Similarly, scammers and telemarketers also use the “Public WHOIS Database” which is an online source of a domain database required by government. They use this to know who to target.

There have been thousands of scams about some domains in the past years and they all stem from access to such sensitive details. There are spammers and scammers on the internet who are constantly hunting for weakly protected websites. Scammers and telemarketers take advantage of the fact that there are few or no privacy policies on the internet. These people use software applications to access and enter the domain details.

Sometimes, businesses have been sued for unsolicited leakage of highly classified information. It has also happened that hoaxes by scammers have lead to high profile law cases and crimes. Stolen identity cases have been recorded. Kidnapping and blackmailing incidences have also been seen and all of these stem from stolen information online.
There are some cases where a public registration does benefit people. For example; social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These sites need good traffic and there are thousands of forums and networks on these social media sites that require public sharing of information.

Why Private Registration?

Domain Privacy

Private registration offers a guarantee to protect your personal details – referred to as “Privacy Protection”. It is obvious that taking a risk with exposing all your personal details to the domain registering company is not worth it. Therefore, using private registration helps in maintaining privacy and reduces the risks of scammers attacking your domain. Likewise, SPAM is also minimized using private registration.

There are many business sites online and they cannot afford taking the risk of getting hacked. This will lead to disastrous consequences when it comes to clients and business risks. Businessmen who are new to online marketing and real estate agents also need private domain registrations. Gaining the trust of clients is an essential aspect of internet marketing and online buying, and maintaining customer privacy is very important.

Benefits of A Private Domain

  1. Reduces possibility of Identity theft and fraud by scammers online.
  2. Avoids unforeseen online or offline harassments and stalking by criminals in the real world.
  3. Stops unwanted commercial emailing services from accessing your domain.
  4. Avoids automated receiving of direct email or sales letters via your postal address.
  5. Reduces possibility of unwanted phone calls from telemarketers, stalkers or any other strangers looking for a way to harass you or your family and associates.
  6. Increases the protection of your privacy level and safeguards all your personal contact details.
  7. Some of these domain registering companies offer the domain completely free of charge while others require a small fee. As long as you get to secure your domain from fraud and scams, the fee is worth it.

How Private Registration Works

The method of registering the domain privately emphasizes that your private information will not be exposed to the general public. The World Wide Web is the largest source of data; however, it can be managed by the companies offering you a guarantee for privacy.

They achieve this by putting up an alternative set of information which is created by the registrar or third party at the time of registering the domain. These people work in accordance with the ICANN requirements and are very reliable.


Using fake information when filling out the forms for domain registration can result in termination of the entire process. There is an ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers policy regarding domain registration which requires accurate details. Violating this law leads to the termination of the domain registration.

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