Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress

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Compare Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress

When it comes to choosing between Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, there are not many people who are able to make up their minds entirely; as all three are great open source applications and they are to some extent similar in their basic features.

However, there are definitely some differences as far as strong and negative points are concerned. One particular application cannot be termed fit for all uses. If we have a look at these applications one by one, we would probably be able to determine as to how each of these applications differ from one another.

What’s good and bad about Joomla?

Joomla – Positives

Joomla is a perfect application if you are looking for a powerful content management system. Joomla is not very complicated as far as the usage is concerned and moreover the installation of the script is fairly easy as well. As far as the administration is concerned, it is very graphical and intuitive. Moreover, the theme selection is pretty impressive as well. If you are looking for a heavyweight general CMS system, then Joomla is the right application for you.

Joomla – Negatives

The negative aspects of Joomla are that the Web 2.0 implementation is pretty archaic and the community focus is less than perfect, meaning updates can be long in development. Some of the more general technical problems are no permissions control, lack of decent scalability, and no multisite options. The categorizing options are very few and the SSL implementation requires further work. Joomla needs SEO and SEF extensions and there are some security risks involved in this if the SEO rules change quite often. The speed of the application is not really a big concern, although it should be noted that Joomla is the slowest of the three applications.

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What’s good and bad about Drupal?

Drupal – Positives

Drupal is wonderful as far as blogging requirements are concerned and moreover the installation is pretty simple as well and one need not be a technical wizard to get things functioning. The SEO capabilities of the application are quite frankly awesome and those who require lots of traffic for their websites could be well off if they use this application. The best part about Drupal is the web 2.0 pure version, SSL that comes as a built in feature, better scalability and permissions which are quite granular.

Drupal – Negatives

The only problem or the only negative with Drupal is the lack of themes. When you compare the themes of Drupal with the other systems, it has lot of catching up to do.

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What’s good about WordPress?

WordPress– Positives

WordPress is an application or system which is well-suited for creating a blog, coupled with different themes and plugins to extend functionality. Like the other two systems, WordPress is also very easy to use and install. Almost everyone will be able to install WordPress easily, and moreover the administration of the application is fairly simple as well. If you compare WordPress with Drupal or Joomla for that matter, the themes are great and the selection of available themes is wide. The SEO potential is good as well. The content upon a WordPresssite have unique pages which are SEO friendly with configurable title and URL as well. If one goes by what the users of this system have to say, then WordPress could be one of the best content management systems that are available for blogging. It has web 2.0 along with permissions control and is entirely expandable.

WordPress – Negatives

The downside as far as WordPress is concerned is that it does not have multi-site and SSL features as standard. Moreover, the scalability is pretty limited as well.

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Conclusion: Which CMS should you go with?

As one can see, all these three content management systems have their own positives and pitfalls. If we had to make a sweeping decision, we could say that Joomla is more suited to commercial applications, and WordPress at the other end of the scale, perfect for personal blog sites. Drupal sits somewhere in the middle.


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