How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Via Facebook Fan Page

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The trick to drive traffic to your site via Facebook is by making sure that you have the best fan page. So let us begin with knowing what we need to do to have the right fan page on Facebook for your traffic.

Create a Fan Page

To begin with, if you do not already have a Facebook account, signup and get one now. All you need to do is to log-in into your Facebook account. Then visit the “Facebook Page Creation” page. Fill out the necessary details and name the page. Naming the page is very important as this is what will be used by the traffic to search for you. If you are making the Fan Page for business purposes, a good trick to attract traffic is to use the name of your products or services in the name. This helps in building recognition for your brand and niche in social networks on Facebook.

Do not forget to make the name an easy one, so that people can remember it easily. SEO requires use of keywords so be sure to work with words that will lead customers to your fan page.

Optimize Your Fan Page

For those visitors who are new to your fan page, there has to be enough information to make it interesting for them. Try to put up such interesting information that traffic will find it hard to ignore and leave. To be able to customize your home page to look the way you want it to, get the “Custom FBML” application and add it to your homepage.

The Custom FBML application helps users to set up a custom page in a new tab. For example:

The Box Title is where you enter the name of the new tab as shown in the image above. Then you should go to the Settings on the wall of your page and set the default landing tab. To do this select the newly created landing page as shown below:

Once this is done, any time a new visitor comes to your fan page, he or she will not have to see your wall, but the customized page you will design to attract your traffic.

Become a Fan

The main task after getting a visitor to your page is to get them to click the “Become a Fan” tab. This tab serves like a call to action. Make this call to action as prominent and unavoidable for the visitor. Sometimes having other links helps. When the visitor does find something interesting, and clicks on it, before leaving the current page, make him or her click on the “Become a Fan” tab. The more people you have as fans, the more you get acknowledged.

Fan Box Widget

This is an application that allows you to show off your fans to the current visitors. This interests most visitors and they would like to be added to your collection of fans.

Be Informative

Try your best to display the main features of your business or interests to the traffic. Share links to blogs, newsletters or other business partners that may interest your visitors. Make these sharable with other Facebook users; you never know when a chain of contacts helps you attract more traffic.

Advertise Your Fan Page

Placing advertisements about your fan page on the right hand side of the main page of the Facebook home page helps a lot. This has been proved to attract large traffic on websites within a short time. Using emails, blogs and online forums is also very important to attract traffic.

However avoid spamming as this may annoy potential customers especially when internet marketing is concerned.


Always make sure you keep the information on your fan page up-to-date. Being current is very important when it has to do with political and legal changes surrounding your niche. Offer subscriptions for newsletters for your customers and send regular updates to the traffic via emails.

Be Interactive

Always interact with your customers through messages. Letting them know that their comments and suggestions are appreciated goes a long way in maintaining the traffic. Make sure you listen and cooperate with them as much as possible as this will only make your fan page improve with time. Similarly your traffic will let others know about you when they have a good experience. To summarize it all, maintain good customer service.

Be Attractive

Use images, Videos and Podcasts to attract traffic. There are many people who prefer watching things as opposed to reading blogs and newsletters. Sharing such multimedia messages is a very good way of reaching a large number of audience. A major advantage of this is that people can come back to your fan page at any time with no time limits and find what they want. So organize your fan page well.


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