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The domain name is one the most important requirements for success at ecommerce. Therefore it is important to select the right domain name for your web site and this requires some simple but sensitive steps.

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Step 1. Know Your Niche

You must be very familiar with the topic you are dealing with – that is the niche. Everything you will display on your website has to be related to your niche. This is essential in selecting a domain name because the ideal expectation one has is to be among the top search options when an internet user hits the Search button.

To begin thinking of domain names, it will be a good idea to spend some time on the best social media networks and study what words people looking for your niche. Therefore, browsing forums and blogs as well will give you a lead on what words related to your niche will work best for you. Also, make a list of words that you personally feel will work best for your website and your niche. Analyze how they would relate to your web content. Determine what words are popularly being used on the internet when searching for your niche or topic. Including these words in the domain name is a very crucial requirement for a great domain name.

Step 2. Research the Keyword

Once you have selected the key words in your domain name, it is important to research the frequency of use and similarities of your domain name with those of other similar website. This will help you determine whether the domain name you have chosen is best or still needs some changes.
To make the necessary changes, there are free tools available online that can assist you with new keywords that might be used in your domain name. For example;

You can use this information obtained from these sites to make sure you make the best decision possible when you choose a domain name based on keywords.

Step 3. Be Specific or Non Specific

You may decide to be either specific or non specific based on whether you need to work with a brand name. If you are selling generic items a non specific domain name is a good idea. However, if you are working using specific products or services, being specific in the domain name will help in making your website among the search results for the specific word.

For example; Let us consider someone making a domain name for a web site for art work collections specifically on paintings. is too general and not specific.. It could contain various sub-topics under Arts.  But, is more specific and better. People looking for paintings in art will find it immediately because of the key words – “Art” and “Paintings”.
Likewise people looking for art works generally will also come across your web site. Often, not being specific can be bad for a domain, because people searching usually don’t spend much time looking at websites that do not show them what they are interested in.

Step 4. Check Availability of Domain

There are sites online that help you determine whether the name you are planning on using is available or not. These sites help by check availability all over the world. If it is not available it simply means that it is presently in use by another domain user. If this happens, you can either start selecting a whole new domain name or, try using suffixes and prefixes to create the domain name available.
There are many sites online that assist with checking the availability of domain names and suggest options based on keyword you enter.

The best and most recommended ones include:

Tips for Good Domain Names

  • Make it short.
  • Use brand words e.g. yourself, your brand and/or your service.
  • Make it easy to remember.
  • Make it easy to type and short.
  • Mostly use .com or .co. If these are taken or .org

Avoid These in Your Domain Names

  • Avoid using domain names that can have several spellings like care2buy, care2bye, caretobuy or caretoby.
  • Avoid difficult to understand domain names e.g. Using the following domain name for expert body massagers
  • Avoid .info unless you really want to make an informational site.
  • Do not use abbreviations. A typically bad example is one using a domain for make money online guidelines, and abbreviates the domain as:
  • Avoid hyphens if possible.


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