35 Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Blogging tips

Blogging is the most important aspect of creating awareness about a brand or business. Being a successful blogger is a tough thing but not impossible. To be a successful blogger, here are 35 tips for you to follow:

  1. Niche – That means your interest or topics (for example, web hosting πŸ™‚ ) for discussions. Be sure of your interests and write about what you have a passion for.
  2. Interesting beginning – Always develop an interest in the reader right from the first sentence.
  3. Template – Use attractive and good templates and themes for your blogs.
  4. Variety – Your followers will need a change every now and then, so change things up.
  5. Blog Presentation – Group your posts so that similar topics can be found together. How you arrange and present your blog matters.
  6. Use weblogs – Share video logs on your blog and use images in your post to make it more entertaining and capturing.
  7. Use Avatars – This is very attractive for young people, so make your blogs multifaceted.
  8. Podcasts – These are also helpful especially for that group of internet users who prefer to listen rather than read or who for some reason cannot read. Additionally, podcasts are easy to access on mobile devices and iPods.
  9. Regular updates – Write regularly and get the latest unfolding big news, try to be the first to share it. This will make your followers stay tuned to your blogs and they will keep returning for more from you.
  10. Best Posts – Display the most sought after and liked blogs on the main page.
  11. SEO and SEM – Improve availability on Search Engine Optimizer and use Search Engine Marketing tools. Use keywords in the title of your blogs, and make your URL short and easy to find.
  12. Blog site directories and bookmarks – Share your URL on RSS directories and website bookmarkers like StumbleUpon and Digg.
  13. Emails – Send mail to your regular visitors or followers with updates and add your blog’s URL to your email signature.
  14. Visitors – Keep a track of regular visitors and keep them hooked to your blog through interaction and conversations. Let the regular visitors know you appreciate their presence.
  15. Be friendly – Interact with your visitors on a one–o- one basis. Talk to about anything appropriate to keep them hooked. At the same time be polite and helpful.
  16. Traffic/ Followers – Build a large number of followers. The greatest challenge for a blogger is to have large traffic.
  17. Profile – Update your profile regularly about your activities as an interesting person! People you interact with would like to know who you are as a person. Your visitors need to feel more comfortable and trusting toward you.
  18. Different Languages – Use a Translations Widget In your Weblog, and other posts as well. This will allow foreigners to understand your posts.
  19. Never Spam – Avoid getting into trouble with spam detectors.
  20. Quick Load – Ensure that your blog loads fast.
  21. Desktop Client – Select the most appropriate and easy to use Desktop client e.g. TweetDeck, Twhirl and TwitterFox (Echofon).
  22. Friends – Make many online friends and invite your well known friends to take active roles in your blogs, write about them sometimes.
  23. Avoid mistakes – Be careful about what you write in the blogs. Sharing wrong information can make you very unpopular.
  24. Language – Use simple and easy to understand language. At the same time, be polite.
  25. Inbound and outbound links – Create links to other web pages, and share your links on other free advertising sites.
  26. Directories – Share links to free directories online, about resourceful content, like job providers, user directories, business sites etc.
  27. Search – Add search tools on your web page, to make it easier for your traffic to find everything they need without leaving your page.
  28. Mobile – Make your blogs available on mobile devices as well.
  29. Accessibility – Ensure that your blogs don’t have broken links. Cross check to make sure that your link is not incorrect. Avoid wrong use of robots.txt on the Site Map.
  30. Site Map – Robots.txt instructs the search engines on which parts of your site to use for indexing. Therefore a Sitemap shows the search engines where to find your blogs. It uses plug-ins making it faster and better to use as compared to HTML.
  31. Keywords – Use keywords in the title, paragraphs & footers. Using keywords for blogs makes it easier to be found on search engines. So know what your keywords should be.
  32. Chats – Add chat tools on your website. This makes it convenient for both you and the traffic to relate with you and keeps them entertained.
  33. Applications – Add applications to your blogs, or links to some nice applications on other social media networks. This adds extra taste to your blogs. Provide educational and informational applications e.g. Twirl, not just online games.
  34. Share software’s – Try to offer links or downloadable software that is most sought after.
  35. Avoid Copying – Never copy another blogger’s content unless you have asked for permission.


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