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Blogging Tips

There are thousands of bloggers working on some topic or the other at this moment. What most bloggers fail to realize is that they need to make their blogs reader-friendly. Unless a blogger ensures that the reader finds it to be understandable and worth reading, all efforts will be a complete waste of time.

15 InstantTips To Improve Blog Readership

  1. Easy on the Eyes – Make sure your web page and blogs are not too color contrasted and bright for the reader. Use interesting fonts and themes which will be good for the readers and make them want to read on for longer. Presentation matters a lot. Arrange the information on your web page to make it as easy as possible for the readers to find and read what they want.
  2. Short Posts – Make sure your blogs are not too long and monotonous. A reader will lose interest if the blog is too long. It’s a fact; lengthy blogs always lose the point and quality and fail to deliver the targeted message.
  3. Relevant Blogs – Make sure that the title and the contents of the blog are right for each other. Readers search based on the key words they are looking for, unless you have them both, your blogs won’t be read. Similarly avoid sharing posts that are uninteresting and don’t satisfy the curiosity and needs of your readers. Target their interests always.
  4. Advertisement – Too many advertisements are not a good idea. Always keep a close check on the number of adverts you are sharing on your blogs. Readers mostly go for the informational stuff not the advertisement.
  5. Be a Good Host – Always interact with your readers with friendly approach.  Be responsive, and ask for their opinions before starting a new blog. This will give you an idea of what your audience wants to know about. Being direct with your readers is a good way of letting it known to them that they are important, and you are really willing to entertain them.
  6. Be Polite – When writing blogs always use a polite and decent language. Be as simple as possible and easy to understand. Whenever your readers give you a feed back make sure your reply. Be interactive and show an interest in what they have to say. Take advises from them.
  7. Web Hosting – It is very important to have a stable host for your website. A good internet hosting service help by allowing users to serve their contents as they chose. Most hosting providers a combined variety of internet content, a good blog hosting service is very essential to be able to build trust with the readers and the bloggers. (Hey, this is why you need web hosting reviews like ours, right? ;))
  8. Avoid Excessive Links – Sometimes links are good, but too much of them – is a bad idea. Make sure your readers don’t lose interest in your site. Make sure of this by providing all the latest on your own blogs. Clicking on links and leaving your page is not a good idea, and your readers will lose interest in your work.
  9. Content Category – Always group your blogs topic wise. This makes it easier for your readers to know where to find what they want to read on. Just like a library, organize your blogs alphabetically and topic wise like a catalogue.
  10. Content breakdown – Sometimes there are blogs that simply have a lot to share on. In this case, share the rest at a later time, without making it too long. Or another option is to make subheadings of the blog and sharing them as short sub topics.
  11. Translations – Never forget those readers who are not too conversant with English Language. Always provide translation options in as many languages as possible.
  12. Mobile – With the advancement in technology, internet access is available on mobile devices. Make your blogs available on mobiles; your readers don’t need to wait for a computer any more.
  13. Downloadable – Making your blogs downloadable in different formats is a good way to keep your readers loyal to you. Pdf and Microsoft word are the most easy to use formats when it comes to readable download.
  14. Spam – Never spam your readers, this can really make them lose an interest and get offended. People never appreciate spam, especially when it comes to the sober internet users who only stick to business.
  15. Pictures – Last but not the least can be very appealing to some readers especially the younger age groups. Sometimes pictures make it easier to understand what is being discussed in the blogs and help delivering the message correctly. So using pictures in a reasonable way is a good idea. Make sure you don’t use offensive content or pictures that can be misunderstood.

For every blogger, their traffic is the main key. Unless you have a good number, you won’t be able to enjoy blogging. With these tips on making your blogs reader-friendly, you stand a better chance at being a successful blogger.


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