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Have you ever found yourself struggling with an unfamiliar language which you wish to get your hands around it to understand more when you are in your usual shopping scheme for web hosting?

I bet that almost every one of us who are into the web hosting service hunting before have had this kind of experience. There are literally tons of web hosting providers in the internet today and getting oneself to familiarize with the web hosting terms is definitely an added benefit for anyone searching for his or her optimum web hosting plan.

Thus the purpose of this article is to share some good wealth of knowledge on the common web hosting terms which are essential for us to understand.

Dedicated server

This is an expensive type of account where you are provided with the entire server hardware for your use by the web hosting company. Along with this comes a much faster loading time for your website as the whole server is reserved to run for your software and applications and no one will be sharing the same server with you under the dedicated server plan.


This is the unique name for an internet site. Some examples of domain names are such as : and ; any domain with the .com extensions are worthy because it is the most widely used and well known extension for a domain. Technically, the domain name is a name that identifies an IP address, it is important because with a domain name, it allows people to find your website by this uniquely defined domain name instead of any numeric addresses.


The MySQL database server is the most well known and widely used open source database in the world. It is extremely flexible, fast and easy to use and customize for, due to its architectural design. It is a type of relational database management system.

IP address

Refers to internet Protocol Address, which is the standard way of identifying any computers on the Internet. Each of the IP address constitute of four sets of numbers, each separated by period, each of these numbers will be having a value which is less than 256, for example : 102.200. 55.30


Also refers to as monthly transfer, is the amount of data which is allowed to be transferred within a single month. A shared web hosting provider will not be able to allocate huge amount of bandwidth for its users as compared to a dedicated hosting provider.


This is a way of protecting a network from another network. A firewall act like a wall blocking those undefined to gain their access into the protected network.

Disk Space

This refers to the storage capacity for images, HTML files, audio files, video files, graphics and etc. Any website which is has to display and store a lot of graphics, pictures or pages need to have a larger disk space to run the website effectively.

Online shopping cart

Software that allows customers of a website to perform their shopping by adding or deleting an items into or out from the “Shopping cart” before proceeding to checkout by paying for the items in the shopping cart. A shopping cart is essential for most e-commerce websites as it allows online users to check out what are the available products online by one browse. There are many different types of shopping cart program which are available in the Internet today with a wide range of features and functionalities with their available cost to select from.

Windows Hosting

This is a type of Hosting on a web server that utilize the software from Microsoft windows as its operating system to provide the web hosting service to others who have subscribed for its hosting services.

Control Panel

This is an useful online interface available to facilitate website editing, updating or checking using some basic functions without escalating through the customer service or help desk for assistance.


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