Is Your Web Host Damaging Your Search Engine Rankings?

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Despite the numerous reminders and warnings shared by many experienced webmasters, we can easily find that most web-users is genuinely drawn to a web hosting plan or services because of its competitive price or the features that they have offered through their plan. There is none, or very less web-users who have prioritized their criteria in selecting their web hosting provider by considering how well they come to support one’s search engine ranking potential and efforts.

It is very common to find that despite how hard you have tried to fulfill the proposed SEO techniques and strategies, you just can’t seem to be able to improve your SEO ranking. It can be very frustrating and often disappointing by this fact. Have you ever stop and wonder if this has anything to do with your web hosting providers. Well, the truth is it is too common to find out later that the server IP address has been black-listed by the Search engines. This might have been caused by certain illegal or spamming activities caused by their ex-clients whom have miss-used their website residing on the IP address of your web hosting provider previously. There are too many reasons which might have caused this, but regardless of who are to be blamed, we can’t change the fact that the IP address is still being black-listed, and your SEO ranking continue to deteriorate because of this.

Before you get yourself into this unpleasant situation, it is crucial to ensure that your web hosting provider is clean from being SEO black-listed before. A good web hosting company should always keep themselves and their clients updated and well-educated with the latest techniques to improve their SEO position as well as what to avoid in the effort of preventing themselves from getting into the trap of spamming or any illegal hacking affair which might jeopardize their SEO index.

Sustaining an excellent SEO user-friendliness is the responsibilities of both the customers as well as the web hosting provider, as it takes two to drive this to perfection. Each of them has their own rules and regulations as well as their policies to abide strongly if they wanted to be SEO compliance and to be able to maintain their integrity for long.

As a web-master who is in the progress of searching for your right web hosting provider, it is very challenging to find one with great reputation and highly responsible in this perspective. Your best guide might be to check out some of the web hosting reviews where good recommendations as well as actual customer complaints are shared. You can surely learnt a lot and gain much benefit by checking out some of these renowned web hosting reviews sites to discover some of the underlying dark secrets and stories of certain web hosting companies which nobody would have shared with you before.

There are many advantages for your online business if your website is SEO user-friendly, however, you can’t be SEO compliance or SEO excellence if you have not found your right web hosting provider with the right web hosting solution. Therefore be cautious and fully aware that it is crucial for us to consider the correlation between your choice of web hosting provider and their SEO ranking before it is too late.


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