Tips For Choosing A Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting Beginner Guides : How To Choose A Dedicated Web Host

Dedicated Web Host Shopping

Deciding to settle for dedicated web hosting can be a very advantageous decision, especially if the needs of the website and website owner are significant with regards to bandwidth and storage requirements. Moving from a shared server to a dedicated one, in fact, is quite common especially with business website owners who see shared web hosting as not stable enough and insufficient for their business or commercial needs as their website grows. By moving on to a dedicated server, one can address all these concerns by having more web space, more RAM and increased bandwidth.

If you decide to go further with a dedicated hosting service, you would see lots of other advantages too.

One example would be the higher level of security a website can enjoy. Now, a website owner does not need to worry about malicious attacks or viruses that can possibly attack their website. This higher level of security is due to the fact that there is no longer a server to share with other websites and website owners, and the host is providing a sole server for a single website. Also, with a dedicated website hosting service one can also have full control over other aspects of their hosting account such as disabling hotlinking.

In modern times, a person looking for dedicated server hosting services would not find it that difficult to locate a well-priced and feature rich product. This is because many business and e-commerce sites prefer dedicated hosting over shared web hosting. There has been a steady increase in the number and quality of dedicated hosting providers and it can be quite simple to pinpoint one that suits ones budget while providing for all the needs and requirements of the online business.

Managed or Unmanaged?

The first thing to be done is to determine the type of dedicated server hosting which would be needed. One will have to choose between an unmanaged or managed hosting account. As far as the unmanaged hosting service is concerned, the website owner will have to handle all of the technical aspects of the operation and system maintenance of their server.

With a managed dedicated hosting service, however, the client will not be responsible for the system’s support, upgrade and operation, and the website owner need not worry about these issues. The pros and cons of each type of hosting must be weighed before a website owner signs up for a particular dedicated hosting plan.

Choosing between Dedicated Hosting Companies

Once a website owner has decided to go for either a managed or unmanaged dedicated web host service, they can then take a look at the various companies which provide dedicated web host services. Once some companies have been short listed, it is essential that some research is done about the company or service provider’s performance. An interested client must check not just what the company advertises, but also what previous clients have to say about the service.

Check for reliability in terms of uptime and customer service. Note the negative feedback about certain companies so you can consider these whilst arriving at your final decision.

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Choosing Service Specs

When searching for a quality dedicated web hosting plan, it is necessary to look into the plan’s features and specs. This is because how the website performs, is largely dependent on these features. For instance, the most important specs one should check include the disc space and the bandwidth allocation.

Once the dedicated hosting plan has been chosen, the next question to ask is whether the price is acceptable or not. In the end, many web owners believe that the higher price (compared to shared web hosting) is indeed worth it.


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