Web Hosting Beginner Guides

Web Hosting Classroom

This is a step-by-step guide for those who are new to the web hosting world. It is absolutely ‘do-able’ for any newbies to start a website from scratch and we hope this beginner guides will give a great kick-start to all.

The Very Basics of Website Hosting

Web Hosting Beginner Guides

What exactly is a web hosting? What is a domain name, is it the same as web hosting? What does the term ‘bandwidth’ mean in web hosting? When starting up a new website, these are the basics one must know. For those who are completely new to this topic, the three articles below are the must-read fundamentals.

Guide 1: Web Hosting Basic 101

In brief, web hosting is a place where you can store your web content (HTML files, PHP files, pdf files, etc) and allow others (web users) to access these files via Internet connection. Physically, a web host is nothing more than a computer server with high speed Internet connection; but in general when we talk about web hosting, we refer it as the ‘web hosting provider’… Read Web Hosting Explained.

Guide 2: About Website Domains

A domain name shouldn’t be confused with a web host. For easy understanding – imagine a web hosting is your house (where your personal belongings are stored); and domain name as the address of that house. Web Hosting is the storage; while the domain name is the address of that storage… Read Domain Name Explained.

Guide 3: About Hosting Bandwidth

In computer networking or computer science, bandwidth is the term used as the measurement of data transfer rates. However, the term ‘bandwidth’ is commonly misused in the hosting world and the word poses a second meaning: amount of data allowed to be transferred within a certain time period… Read Hosting Bandwidth Explained.

Guide 4: Web Hosting FAQ

Last but not least, get all your other hosting related common questions asnwered in this FAQ section.
Frequent asked questions about web hosting

Types of Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Beginner Guides

Now that you’ve learned about the basics of web hosting, it’s time to check out some of the different web hosting services. Do you need a dedicated hosting/VPS/reseller hosting? Does dedicated hosting suit you better than VPS hosting? Is reseller hosting business profitable? Get your answers in articles below.

Guide 5: VPS Hosting 101

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a small private server that runs within another bigger server. When one talks about VPS hosting, it simply means hosting service that is offered based on such hardware setup. What VPS hosting providers do is to split a server into multiple smaller size individual servers via virtualization technology (for example: Ensim, Sphera and Parallels) and rent it out to different customers… Read All About VPS Web Hosting.

Guide 6: Reseller Hosting 101

Everyday, millions of new websites sprung out in the Internet world – You may even be one of those hunting for the right web host now. But do you know that you can not only buy a web host; you can also resell it for profit? In fact nowadays, many web hosting customers choose to purchase reseller hosting account. What is a web hosting reseller? Read All About Reseller Hosting.

Guide 7: Dedicated Hosting 101

Dedicated server plan refers to a service plan which involved an exclusive use of a computer connected to the Internet, and well attached with a web server with computer software, web applications and web features incorporated into the plan… Read About Dedicated Hosting.

Web Host Shopping Guides

Web Hosting Beginner Guides

There are thousands of web hosting providers available online – all looks same great, same professional. What makes a good hosting? How do you know if a web host is right (or wrong) for you? Does the control panel of a web host matters? Do I need Fantastico? Let’s learn how to pick up the right web host.

Guide 8: How To Choose A Shared Web Hosting

If the decision is made to go for shared web hosting, the actual process of acquiring the service is quite easy. The first thing the website owner must do is to search for available shared web hosting services and packages. This information can be easily found online as most of the best shared hosting services advertised make the actual specification of their range of products extremely clear… Read Tips For Choosing A Shared Hosting.

Guide 9: How To Choose A Dedicated Web Hosting

Deciding to settle for dedicated web hosting can be a very advantageous decision, especially if the needs of the website and website owner are significant with regards to bandwidth and storage requirements. Moving from a shared server to a dedicated one, in fact, is quite common especially with business website owners who see shared web hosting as not stable enough and insufficient for their business or commercial needs as their website grows… Read Tips For Choosing A Dedicated Hosting.

Guide 10: Checklist for Web Hosting Shoppers

So what makes a good web host? How do you identify a quality web host? What are the things you need to look into when searching for “the” best web hosting service? Well to be honest there’s no one-fit-to-all answer for this question (as different websites will have different hosting needs) but we’ll share our insights here… Web Host Shopping Checklist.

Guide 11: Is Unlimited Hosting For Real?

We see more and more unlimited hosting offer available online nowadays. Unlimited bandwidth – unlimited storage space, unlimited addon domain – are these for real? Is unlimited hosting possible? Or more importantly, are these unlimited hosting plans recommended? Learn All About Unlimited Hosting.

Guide 12: 15 tips to be a better web host shopper

Choosing a web host for your site is like finding a lifelong companion, when you find the right one, your life will become easier. The only difference is that this companion would be there with you in the virtual world. The quality of your web host can determine whether your business surges or sinks in the internet world. There are certain things that one must keep in mind… Read 15 tips to be a better web host shopper.

Web Applications and Software

Some other basic web hosting features that you might want to know before jumping in.

Guide 13: Fantastico & SimpleScripts

As the name suggests, an Auto Script Installer refers to software that helps you to (well?) install your web applications automatically. Auto Script Installer is a life-saver for many webmasters because it reduces the time and effort to install and maintain web applications on your servers… Read About Auto Script Installer.

Guide 14: About cPanel & Plesk

If you have experience with website hosting, you should know that there are various types of control panels out there. You might also notice that cPanel and Plesk are the major players in this field. In this article, we are going to have a deeper look into hosting control panel software; as well as check out the pros and cons of cPanel and Plesk… Compare Control Panel: cPanel vs Plesk.