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Dedicated Web Hosting Services

In the world of web hosting, there are two common options on how you can go about renting your server space, one being to rent a shared server, or to rent a dedicated server. Dedicated server plan refers to a service plan which involved an exclusive use of a computer connected to the Internet, and well attached with a web server with computer software, web applications and web features incorporated into the plan.   

Whereas for the shared server, they are less costly as compared to dedicated server.  This is because the overall cost of the server is equally shared by all the users who are sharing the same server. Shared server hosting is suitable for small to medium businesses whom do not have huge massive volume of traffics to take care of.

Do you need a dedidcated hosting?

Now let us go through some of the guidelines and situations where dedicated servers are important and suitable to be used in.

  • Websites with high volume of traffics on daily basis
  • Websites that require an extensive amount of bandwidth and large disk space to support their download needs of graphics, pictorial, music, diagrams, complex software etc.
  • eCommerce websites that require exclusive privacy and control, such as online foreign currency business, online insurance business and online banking where security is your main area of concern.
  • Companies which are lack of IT resources and expertise to run and manage your own dedicated servers; then outsourcing this service to a renowned web hosting company which is staffed with the necessary IT experts and dedicated data centre to store these servers is a better option.

Benefits of dedicated web hosting

Dedicated servers are the most costly web hosting plan among all with the rest of the server plans.  This plan contains a lot of great benefits which can’t be found in any other types of web hosting plans. Here are some of the advantages and benefits of dedicated web hosting servers.

Secured Hosting Environment Dedicated servers provide greater security as there is no third party other than you who has the access into the server under a dedicated server plan.  You are the exclusive user of this server monopolizing the entire network, system, software and server resources for your exclusive needs.

Better Hosting Performances Dedicated server guarantees higher quality performance and higher reliability as a dedicated server seldom experience downtime as the resources allocated under dedicated server has not being shared by other users.   The possibility of resources being over-utilized will not happen in a dedicated plan.  Your website will not be affected by any other websites on the same box but different server.

Dedicated Supports from Providers Dedicated server plan is well supported by the designated strong technical support team who possess the necessary technical skills and knowledge which has been extensively trained to assist their customers under the dedicated server plan.

Flexibility With dedicated hosting, you will have a unique IP address for your domain. With this, you will not be affected by any wrong-doing of the spammers which have been black-listed by the search engines as you will never be sharing the same IP address with them.  Besides this, with this unique IP address, it is made possible for a large number of web users, even for those with aging browsers to visit your site with no difficulties at all. Also, with a shared server, users has limited access to the operating system and will be allocated with very basic features and limited resources such as: bandwidth, software applications, design templates, types of files, hardware etc.  However with a dedicated server, the exclusive user has full access to its operating system and are also free to install their own customized ecommerce software and applications in the server anyway they desire.

Choosing the right dedicated hosting

With all these advantages derived from a dedicated server plan, it is worth-while to get yourself a dedicated server host, if your online business continues to grow and expand. But what are the guidelines to choose a dedicated server host ?

  1. Check out how flexible is this potential dedicated web hosting provider in fulfilling your urgent last minute new requirements, such as the need for a larger disk space or increase in bandwidth capabilities.  For the high price which you will be paying for, you reserved the right to understand their feasibility and capability.
  2. Security measures.   Investigate if they have instilled the latest security measures into their latest deployment plan.   Also it is important to check if there were any malicious cases happening on their server in the past.
  3. Check out if the dedicated server plan can support both the Windows and Unix operating systems as both of these OP have different target users which you might want to expand your business for in the near future.   Get yourself a dedicated web hosting provider which is able to support both of these platforms.
  4. Most dedicated web host will offer their users with a backup service. This is very convenient if you have a website which requires frequent updates and consistent backup on.
  5. Check out of the dedicated host has setup the automation and monitoring jobs for any service interruptions such as server down-time, crashing of server, MQ not working properly and many more. These jobs should be able to trigger the designated team to relay their attention into the critical issues immediately.  There will also be an automated monitoring tool to track the stability of the services throughout the day.


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