15 tips to be a better web host shopper

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Web Host Shopping Tips

Choosing a web host for your site is like finding a lifelong companion, when you find the right one, your life will become easier. The only difference is that this companion would be there with you in the virtual world. The quality of your web host can determine whether your business surges or sinks in the internet world. There are certain things that one must keep in mind when dealing with web hosts and the following tips should definitely be useful.

1. Chat support – Go for web hosts which have a round the clock chat service. This is mandatory if you are new to the field and have zero knowledge. When it comes to technology, some form of live support is always recommended.

2. Conduct a trial before you purchase – There are many web hosts who say that they have the best service possible and they would be at your beck and call 24 hours a day. Just do not blindly believe these claims, test them before ordering the service.

3. Make use of multiple web hosts – If you are running multiple sites, then do not be afraid to use multiple hosts, as this way if one of your sites is down due to a host having a technical problem, the others are still working, and hopefully producing revenue.

4. Be wary of fraudulent credit card transactions – Some web hosts in the past have been guilty of continuing to charge for hosting accounts, even after they have been cancelled by the customer. When you do cancel a hosting account, always check that there has been no payment taken against your credit card the following month.

5. Just do not blindly follow web host reviews – There are lots of review sites which are affiliated with certain web hosts and therefore the objectivity of the review needs to be questioned. This does not mean that all reviews are unreliable. Just perform some proper research before going ahead with a particular host based upon a single review.

6. Monitor your web host constantly – Make sure your web host is delivering everything they promised as part of the hosting package. Monitor uptime, site load times, bandwidth usage and every other metric you possibly can. Do not be afraid to speak up if you feel something is wrong.

7. Check the spam policy – Check the policy for spam with your web host. If it is tight and rigid, then go ahead with them. One would definitely not like to get blacklisted for spam by using a web host with a weak spam policy.

8. IP block lists – There are many web hosts who let you know whether your IP address is in the block list or not. If it is then the web host should help you get your IP address off the list.

9. Know what you want and then chose your host – If you are one of those bloggers or website owners who want to make it big in in online business, then chose a web host who can accommodate all your future plans. Go for a company who would be able to give you the kind of expansion options that you want for your site in the future.

10. Look for the trial period at offer – Most web hosts should be willing to give you a money back guarantee as well as a decent trial period. Quite simply, the best web hosts have nothing to hide and are usually willing to give trial access to new clients.

11. Beware of out-dated software and applications – Make sure your chosen web hosts maintains up to date software across its network. This will help to provide you with a robust and secure hosting service.

12. Understand the meaning of real meaning of unlimited hosting – No, I am not telling you to stay away from unlimited web host (it’s impossible these days) but it is important to know what to expect when you subscribe to these low cost "unlimited" hosting services.

13. Check the refund policy – Go through the refund policy documents of your web host carefully, as there could be some fine print which could not be in your favour, when in doubt, ask for clarification.

14. Don’t make upfront payments for longer periods – Do not subscribe for the services of your webhost for a longer period of time. If you sign up for a year, only to find your chosen host has become less than satisfactory, it is likely you will be able to claim a refund.

15. Reasonable fees are realistic – Go for web hosts who do not over-price or under-price their services. Don’t go for the cheapest, but certainly don’t think the most expensive will be the best.

These few tips should make it easier for readers to find, purchase and manage web hosting.


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