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Finding an affordable and reliable web host can be a challenging task. In fact with endless new hosting companies popping out from nowhere, it is literally impossible for a normal hobbyist or business owner to scan through every web hosting package.

This is why you need our site – TopWebHostReview.net (TWHR).

About Top Web Host Review

So, how TWHR Got Started?

TopWebHostReview.net (TWHR) is founded by Jerry Low in mid 2009 and currently managed by a group of experienced webmasters and tech writers. We are currently still looking for webmasters and bloggers in examining web hosts and writing web development guides. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the tribe.

Why read our web hosting reviews?

Most of the web hosting review sites will only tell you how a web host looks like from the outside. These review site owners will just go to hosting providers’ websites, look at their web designs, check their hosting features, crank dozens of top 10 lists, and yell at you “Hey, this web host is good! Buy this.”

Isn’t that stupid? You bet. But (almost) everyone is doing it.

If you are tired of crappy top 10 hosting lists, sicked of reading long winded (but useless) hosting reviews, and need some real latest information about the hosting industry; then TWHR is for you.

The primary objective of TWHR is to provide unbiased hosting reviews from the view point of a web host user. By writing hosting reviews based on our own experience and providing an interactive platform to collect users’ input, TWHR is one of the best hosting review sites that help thousands of web host shoppers.

How Web Hosting Companies Are Reviewed at TWHR?

Our hosting reviews are built in two sections: one, the Editor Review and two, the User Review.

For Editor Review section, hosting companies are evaluated based on various hardware aspects (such as hosting uptime, response rate, etc), web hosting features, pricing, as well as the quality of their customer supports. Our editors are all industry veterans with at least 5 years experience in professional web development and website management.

For User Review section, a platform (with star rating system and text form) is provided for visitors and readers to share their opinions and comments. Hosting companies web hosts are rated based on general features, server reliability, quality of technical and sales supports, as well as the user-friendliness of their websites/services.

Getting Started at TWHR

Editor’s recommendations, users’ feedback, and web host interviews can be found at Web Hosting Reviews; editor’s rating and specialty picks can be found at Web Hosting Awards; newbies guides at Web Hosting Beginner Guides; and in case you are in the mood of reading, check out our Hosting Article Section. You might also be interested with our Web Hosting Directory for more shopping options.

Interact with Us

You can reach us at Webmaster [a] TopWebHostReview dot net.

Our social media network profiles are pretty stagnant at this time of writing as we are running low man power. But we can still interact via Facebook, Twitter, or you can follow us using RSS Feeds.


It is important to know that TWHR is affiliated to some of the listed web hosting companies. In other words, this mean we get paid when you order via our links. We try our best not to have money come in to our way when we are writing our hosting reviews. If a web host is bad, we will tell you it’s bad; if a web host is good, we will recommend it. In fact, this is why we decided to setup an ‘User Review’ section for every host we reviewed.

As a reader, however, you should understand that all reviews written are solely for reference only and you should always make your decision wisely based on your own judgment.